WWE SmackDown Recap (Video): Punk Vs. Kane, Sheamus Vs. Ziggler, More Big Show Carnage

WWE SmackDown Recap (Video): Punk Vs. Kane, Sheamus Vs. Ziggler, More Big Show Carnage
Welcome to this week's edition of the WrestlingInc.com WWE SmackDown Recap.

A video package runs of the issue that has developed among Kane, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk. Punk defends against Kane tonight; the first WWE Championship match on SmackDown in 4 years.

We are in Baton Rouge, LA and 2 weeks away from No Way Out. Lilian Garcia introduces Sheamus to the ring. He says that after Alberto Del Rio became the #1 contender last week, he congratulated him the only way he knew how. He plays the video of him taking Del Rio out. He says Del Rio's money can't buy him the title. David Otunga's music hits.

Otunga orders Sheamus to apologize for running into Laurinaitis 2 weeks ago on RAW. Del Rio's music hits and he drives up in a Bentley. He walks to the ring and calls Sheamus a hooligan. He says people like Sheamus end up working for people like he and Otunga. He will win the World Title at the PPV. Otunga says Del Rio can pick Sheamus' opponent for the night.

Sheamus says he is sorry but not for what he did to Johnny, and he hits the Brogue Kick on Otunga as Del Rio escapes to safety. Sheamus says he's sorry for taking Otunga's head off.

Sin Cara returns nextů


Sin Cara returns with new red and white gear and no trampoline for his entrance. He instead slides in the ring and moonsaults off the ropes.

Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater

Slater kicks Sin Cara in the gut and goes behind with an armbar that Sin Cara counters into a hiptoss and throws Slater out of the ring. Slater puts the boots to him in the ring and works the legs. Sin Cara flips out of a suplex and hits kicks to Slater's legs. Sin Cara flies off with a crossbody and does an airplane spin with his legs wrapped around Slater's neck and maneuvers into side faceplant for the pin.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara

-Recap of Kane pummeling CM Punk with a chair 2 weeks ago.


Damien Sandow vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson gets the jobber entrance as Sandow is introduced. Sandow asks for a mic. He says he will not wrestle against this ignoramus. Jackson brings him in the hard way over the top rope and unloads on him. Sandow hits some vicious knees to the gut and an elbow-drop for 2. Sandow hits a modified neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Damien Sandow

Sandow wipes himself off and does a cartwheel.

Del Rio is approached backstage by Ziggler. Del Rio says he can face Sheamus tonight.


Two skinny jobbers are in the ring and they botch their promo against Ryback and the Louisiana fans. Ryback's music hits.

Ryback vs. Ryan Shelton & Chris Lyons

Ryback squashes the men and lifts them both at the same time on his back and drops them for the win.

Winner by double pin: Ryback

-RAW Rebound: Big Show

Vickie Guerrero comes out and starts to say she has made a special arrangement but Ziggler walks up and takes her mic and says he will beat the World Champion tonight. He walks to the ring with determination and purpose.

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