Thanks to reader Chris Cushman for sending in these results from last night's SmackDown live event in Augusta, GA:

I arrived at the arena several hours early in hopes of meeting a few of the wrestlers. The first I saw arrive was Ryback. He basically nodded to the crowd and walked in. Next up was Kaitlyn and AJ. They didn't acknowledge us and walked straight in as well. I was just about to walk in when Damien Sandow and Tyson Kidd pulled up. Sandow walked in, but Kidd walked up and was very fan friendly. He signed autographs and took pictures with anyone who wanted one. Very Cool. Now onto the show. Matt Striker came out and served as ring announcer for the evening.

* Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd defeated Hunico and Camacho via roll up. This was a really good match that got the crowd really hyped. Sin Cara looked really sharp and had a lot of oooh and aahh moments. The finish saw Sin Cara reverse a roll up on Hunico for the win.

* Jinder Mahal defeated Ezekiel Jackson via submission. This was an ok match with Mahal receiving a ton of heat. Mahal wins with the camel clutch.

* Ryback defeated Heath Slater. Your typical squash match here. Slater actually did get in some offense, but Ryback wins with his finisher.

At this point in the show Cody Rhodes came out and told Striker that when he comes out for his title match, he better introduce him as the future Intercontinental champion.

* Damien Sandow defeated Richie Steamboat. Sandow did some pretty good mike work before the match to draw a lot of heat. Steamboat was introduced as the son of Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, and had a lot of support from the crowd, with several Steamboat chants throughout the match. Sandow wins with a neck breaker.

* Christian defeated Cody Rhodes in a 2 out of 3 falls match to retain the Intercontinental title. This was an awesome match that saw Christian win with a frog splash. As he was celebrating, Teddy Long came out and told Christian he was sorry, but John Laurinaitis instructed him to make this a 2 out of 3 falls match. As he was talking, Aksana came out and told Teddy he still had to wear that giant name tag and proceeded to place it on him. Long then said that there was also a special referee, Jinder Mahal. As Christian was distracted with everything going on, Cody Rhodes caught him with the kick to the head off of the second rope to win the second fall. The finish of the third fall saw Rhodes run into Mahal and Christian catching him with the Kill Switch. Referee Charles Robinson ran down to make the 3 count.

Intermission: Matt Striker throws out merchandise.

* AJ defeated Kaitlyn. AJ came out acting like her old self and the two shook hands before the match. The finish saw AJ appear to get hurt and Kaitlyn and the referee Marc Harris checking on her. As Kaitlyn attempted to help her up, AJ did her thing where she flips out and jumped out Kaitlyn and repeatedly hit her in the head. AJ then landed a running knee for the win.

* Kane defeated Great Khali. This was pretty much what you would expect. The crowd was pretty split as Kane got a great pop from the crowd. Kane hit Khali with a choke slam for the win.

* Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Great match. Rodriguez did a great job interacting with the crowd. Sheamus lands the Brogue kick for the win. After the match, Sheamus posed and shook hands with the crowd.

Overall it was a really good show. The arena was not quite half full, which was disappointing. But they were very vocal, and into every match. The set up was also much more elaborate than any other house show I have been to, including to big screens to play videos before the show, play entrances, and even included a backstage promo from Del Rio and Rodriguez.

Biggest Pops:
1) Sheamus
2) Christian
3) Kane/Sin Cara

Biggest Heat:
1) Alberto Del Rio
2) Cody Rhodes
3) Damien Sandow

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