Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Hawkins tags back in and they double team Truth. Another tag to Reks and more double teaming. Truth fights back but Reks scoops him on his shoulders. Truth slides out and dropkicks Reks. Kofi gets the tag and hits his usual moves on Hawkins. Kofi hits Boom Drop and knocks Reks off the apron. Kof hits the big crossbody but Reks come in and breaks the pin. Reks dumps Truth to the floor but Truth pulls him out. Hawkins and Kofi go at it now with Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

- We see John Cena walking backstage as we return to commercials.

John Cena vs. Michael Cole

Back from the break and out comes John Cena for the main event. Michael Cole is still sitting in his suit at ringside doing commentary. John Laurinaitis comes out and makes the match a No DQ match, if Cena is victorious against this man... Tensai's music hits and out he comes with Sakamoto.

John Cena vs. Tensai

Tensai comes out and pushes Sakomoto to the side. He charges to the ring where Cena waits.

They lock up and Tensai knocks Cena to the mat before taking him to the corner and beating him down with forearm shots. Tensai stomps away and taunts Cena to get up. Tensai drops Cena again with a big headbutt. Cena fights back and they trade shots. Cena clotheslines Tensai out to the floor and tries to bring him back in but goes down on the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Tensai is still in control. Tensai hits a big splash in the corner. Cena catches Tensai with boots in the corner and a bulldog. Tensai stops Cena again and leg drops his arm. Tensai with a big shoulder for a 2 count. Tensai tosses Cena back out to the floor and slams his head into the announcers table. Cole takes advantage and slaps Cena in the face. Tensai throws Cena into the steel steps as Cole yells on commentary. Cena rushes in the ring to stop the 10 count but Tensai catches him with a big suplex for a 2 count. Tensai misses the back splash and Cena makes a comeback.

Cena hits the usual followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle and the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Winner: John Cena

- Cena hits the turnbuckles to pose for the fans as Cole looks on worried from the announcers table. Cena is ready for Cole to get in the ring now for their No DQ match.

No DQ Match: John Cena vs. Michael Cole

The bell rings as Cole gets up. He hesitates before taking off over the fan barrier and through the crowd. Cena chases him down and brings him back to the ring.

Cole keeps trying to run off but Cena catches him and brings it in the ring. Cole grabs a mic and pleads with Cena. He says they go way back and are good friends. Cole says they can shake hands like friends do. Cole takes off his jacket and his tie. He's upset now. Cole asks Cena how embarrassing it's going to be when Cole beats him live on RAW. Cole continues taunting Cena and gets in his face. Cena rips Cole's shirt open and gives him a big chop to the chest. Cena rips Cole's pants off and then his shirt. Cena stomps Cole between the legs before taking him to the corner for another big chop.

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