Former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard ripped Titus O'Neal and Darren Young on his Twitter account, stating the SmackDown tag team is stealing his and JTG's "Cryme Tyme" gimmick.

"Wow... What type of un original person tries to bite off of Someone Else's gimmick?," Gaspard wrote. "PRIME-TIME-PLAYER? MILLIONS OF DOLLORS? Really? TWITTWER! why didnt any one tell me about this BS... Prime time player are you s--tting me!?

"@TitusONeilWWE @DarrenYoungWWE Pleas DON'T respond back to me BC your charisma is lacking, you style is jacking, & just cause you play with your self don't make you boyz player. If you're a little confused, I am talking trash, so sit back BC in this tweet I'm going to Textually beat that ass. If Cryme Tyme was in the ring we would do more than just beat you down. You wont hear No PTP, no milly milly. Just a bunch of @WWE fans cheering 'Whoop them clowns'. So try to be original, stop trying to be hood. Ain't nothing worst than some posers like you who don't even do it good. #CRYMETYME4L"

"@DarrenYoungWWE sit down with your half brother @JohnCena , ask him for advice, I think you took his 'You cant see me' comment a little to literal, BC for the last 4yrs no one has seen you. Every time you popped up Ron Simmons says, 'Damn! Cena Got a tan!' #CRYMETYME4L

"@TitusONeilWWE go read your motivational book, you know the little engine that could, but this time so you don't bite my style stop saying 'I think I'm shad. I think I'm shad. I think I'm shad.' And start saying 'I wish I would'. 'I wish I would stop barking' 'I wish I would stop clapping begging to the fans to cheer for me.' 'I wish I would clos my mouth BC I look like Bubba Gump.' I wish I would stop licking the office ass, because every time I talk, I really talk s--t' 'I WISH I WOULS----.' #CRYMETYME4L"

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