- PWInsider reports that the next hearing in the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit will be on July 12th at 9:30 AM. Long-time WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt has been granted approval to be one of WWE's attorneys on the case.

- The feud between the Journal Inquirer and WWE continues. As noted recently, the newspaper filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against WWE, claiming that WWE violated federal election law by assisting Linda McMahon's campaign by threatening to sue them for criticizing her. The managing editor of the newspaper had written that Linda McMahon had funded her Senate campaigns through the "business of violence, pornography and general raunch."

The newspaper published results from a Qunnipiac University poll today which asked voters for their views on the WWE product and if they deemed it "pornographic." 56% of those polled said that they felt the product was not pornographic, while 10% said that it was. The rest of those polled didn't know or had no opinion.

- Michael Toner, who is a former FEC chairman hired by the Linda McMahon campaign, stated that the complaint filed by the Journal Inquirer was "frivolous" and "utterly baseless."

"The idea that an American corporation cannot seek a retraction from a newspaper for allegedly publishing libelous statements about the corporation without violating federal election laws is ludicrous," said Toner in a statement released by the McMahon campaign. "If the FEC names the McMahon campaign as a respondent in this matter, the campaign looks forward to filing a response and having the FEC promptly dismiss the complaint."

You can read more about Toner and the complaint at Journal Inquirer by clicking here.

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