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Stevie then took the time to answer a few questions:

When the WWE did their throat surgery angle with him, was there anything else planned? Stevie said he had no idea and that even though he was talking about his life, the words weren't his. He said he was basically told he had 45 seconds to get himself over or he wasn't worth the trouble. Stevie said he felt that he could have been a good face given his positive lifestyle but he felt like he never got the chance.

Did you enjoy the Right to Censor angle? Stevie said that at the time of the angle he was in the worst shape of his life so he didn't enjoy it as much as he could have. He said that the writer of the angle left the company and the angle ended abruptly after that.

Whose idea was the Dr. Stevie character? Stevie said that was his idea and he patterned the character after the Patrick Bateman character in American Psycho. He said he wanted the character to be a guy who looked and acted normal but in reality was crazier than his patients.

The interview closed with another mention of the Extreme Rising shows on June 29th in Queens, NY and June 30th in Philadelphia, PA.

The interview is available here.

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