- During a recent Bellator Fighting Championships media luncheon, newly-signed TNA wrestler "King Mo" Lawal" spoke about his time in WWE developmental in 2004.

"When I went to my WWE tryout, I went in and said hi to very few people," said Lawal, via MMAFighting.com. "I'm a [freestyle] wrestler, so, in wrestling you see everybody as your competition, you don't say hi to nobody, and when you shake hands, you shake hands hard.

"I get to my WWE tryout and I'd shake hands hard and people would get pissed off. They'd say 'hey look, shooter,' -- that's what they called me, shooter -- 'when you come in, you address everybody, you talk to everybody. When you shake our hands, don't squeeze our hands, just show that you're not stiff and that you know how to work."

Mo also spoke about the UFC, Jon Jones and more, you can check out more by clicking here.

- Here's is today's suspension countdown tweet from Chris Jericho: "I've never seen 17 Again w Zac Efron and Matthew Perry and I probably never will. However I have heard 17 by Winger..."

- TMZ reports that The Rock has sold his Hidden Hills, CA mansion for $4.9 million, reportedly very close to his asking price. You can check out pics of the Rock's former home at TMZ by clicking here.

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