Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- WWE will be treating the July 23rd 1,000th RAW as a major pay-per-view with all hands on deck. They have reached out to the usual Legends like Jim Duggan, Gene Okerlund, Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, Jimmy Hart and Dusty Rhodes but are looking to use other stars we don't always see on nostalgia shows. Bobby Heenan's name was brought up but his bad health would likely play a factor.

The idea going around is to have both an old school and a new school production vibe to the show. They want to lock The Undertaker's return in and start advertising his appearance in hopes that it will help ratings. The plan is to promote the show hard with a three week TV build, including announcing a pay-per-view quality line-up. They are also looking to introduce new talents on the three-hour show.

- WWE creative is currently being pushed to come up with a "knock your socks off" type of angle for the summer. The idea is to jolt the interest of fans, similar to the Nexus angle in 2010 and the CM Punk angle in 2011. This stems from the low ratings and somewhat stagnant product.

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