Re-Post: WWE NXT Recap With Video

They try a double team but Kidd is able to turn in mid-air and dropkick both of them at the same time. Slater goes out to regroup but Kidd springs over the ropes and fakes a moonsault as Gabriel runs in and flies through his legs with a suicide dive to Slater on the outside. Kidd then runs off the apron and hits a hurricanrana on Curtis on the outside.


Back in the ring, Slater work his way up from an armbar. Kidd goes up top and is momentarily distracted by Curtis which gives Slater to run up and bring Kidd down with a powerslam. Slater makes a cover and gets 2. Slater goes to town with knees to the back and applies a headlock. Kidd works his way up and tries to reach Gabriel but Slater slams him and tags Curtis.

Curtis chokes Kidd out with his boot. Curtis hits a nice suplex and gets a 1 count; he tags Slater. The quick tags continue. Kidd almost makes the hot tag to Gabriel but Slater pulls Gabriel off the apron. Slater hits a neckbreaker and hooks both legs for 2. Slater tags Curtis and they both miss with separate moves as Kidd rolls out of the way both times.

Kidd finally makes the hot tag to Gabriel who comes in with a flurry of offense. He takes Slater out from the apron and hits an impressive DDT off the turnbuckle to Curtis; Slater breaks the count. He tags Kidd who flips off the top with a neckbreaker with and assist from Gabriel for the win.

Winner by pin: Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

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