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Yoshi Tatsu vs. Hunico

Yoshi and Hunico make their respective entrances. Hunico says Mexicans are better than all the fans. They lock up and Yoshi goes for a quick cover. He goes for 3 more quick covers but Hunico kicks out and they stop to regroup. Hunico whips him in and follows but gets boots to the head. Yoshi takes control but Hunico takes over with kicks in the corner and then hits a drop toe hold to the second turnbuckle. Yoshi falls to the outside.


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Yoshi works his way up from a headlock. Hunico hits a bodyslam but misses a moonsault springboard off the second rope. They go to the outside and Yoshi brings him back in and goes up top and hits a chop to the head. Yoshi hits a combination of kicks and gets 2. Yoshi hits another big kick to the face and gets another near fall. Hunico manages to hits a side suplex and Yoshi kicks out. Hunico goes up top but Yoshi meets him and hits a hurricanrana and gets a close 2.

Hunico hits a sit down powerbomb and gets 2 as the crowd gets behind Yoshi. Yoshi drops Hunico on his head and slowly makes the cover but it is again no good. Yoshi hits a roundhouse to the head but Camacho puts Hunico's foot on the rope to break the count. Hunico moves as Yoshi comes flying off the top and Yoshi hits the canvas. Hunico hits the Angle Slam and flies off the top with a Senton for the win.

Winner by pin: Hunico


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Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal

They lock up and Riley applies a headlock and they make a clean break. Riley goes behind and Mahal grabs the ropes to break the hold. Mahal is whipped in and hits a shoulderblock. Riley hits a dropkick and an armdrag for a near fall. Mahal takes over with boots and a neckbreaker for 2. Mahal whips him in and continues with boots in the corner.

Mahal hits a double underhook suplex and drops a big knee for 2. Mahal misses in the corner and Riley hits a double axe handle and a spinebuster. Riley goes up top and hits an axe handle for 2. Mahal hits an elbow to the jaw and hits a jumping knee. He applies the Camel Clutch and gets the win.

Winner by submission: Jinder Mahal


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Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger

They lock up and Swagger takes him down. Ryder goes behind but is taken down again. Swagger prances around the ring. They lock up again and Swagger takes him down with a front headlock. Ryder hits a hiptoss and a headlock of his own. Swagger turns it into a leg scissors and they break. Ryder hits two armdrags and applies an armbar.

Swagger works up from a headlock and hits a side suplex. Ryder is unfazed and hits a dropkick. Swagger takes out the knees and stops to pose for the fans. Swagger hits a nice hiptoss from the corner and gets 2. Swagger puts Ryder on the top turnbuckle but Ryder punches him and comes off with a missile dropkick. Ryder hits a drop toe hold in the corner but Swagger scouts the Broski Boot and rolls to the outside. Ryder leaps after him.


Ryder is in control in the ring. He goes up top but is brought down hard by Swagger; Ryder kicks out at 2. Swagger whips him in and hits a forearm to the back twice. Swagger plays to the crowd some more to a sea of boo's. Swagger puts the boots in the corner. Ryder works up from a weak rest spot and charges but Swagger scouts it and moves; Ryder runs into the ropes. Swagger does push-ups on Ryder's back.

Swagger applies an abdominal stretch but Ryder turns it around with punches. Swagger whips him in and goes for a slam but Ryder counters in into a DDT. Both men get up and the 8 count. Ryder hits a flurry and an elbow in the corner. Ryder hits the Broski Boot and covers him for a 2. Ryder hits a nice neckbreaker for another near fall. Swagger catches him with a belly-to-belly and goes for a gut-wrench but Ryder counters and hits a double knee to the face. Ryder goes for the Ruff Ryder but Swagger catches him in the air and turns it into a powerbomb for the win. Swagger's mouth is busted open.

Winner by pin: Jack Swagger

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