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We begin this week with a video recap of Kaz & Daniels' scoop on Dixie and AJ's apparent relationship.

The pyro goes off and we are about to hear from Dixie. Tenay sends to a video shot after last week's show went off the air. Dixie is irate and screaming at Kaz & Daniels that they are finished. She tells the cameraman to get out of her face and she cusses and says 'fine me.' She goes to the video truck and goes off on them.

Dixie is in the ring to some boo's and then they chant "Dixie." She has tears in her eyes and her voice is shaky. She says no matter what she says people are going to be hurt. She says she feels bad for Kaz & Daniels for their insecurity and hate. Their music hits and they come to the ring.

Daniels takes her mic and says he knows how hard this is for her. He says she made a mistake and she got found out. He tells her to tell the people that she is a woman and she wants what she wants. He says her husband couldn't fill the hole in her heart. She starts to hit him and tells him to stop it. He pushes her down and says to never put her hands on him.

AJ comes running down to her rescue and Kazarian & Daniels escape. Dixie's husband shows up too and he punches AJ and leaves. AJ consoles a crying Dixie in the ring and they leave together. She pushes the camera away as AJ covers his face.


Tenay sends to a video of what just transpired.

Joe approaches Aries backstage and tells him he hopes the water isn't a veiled disrespect toward him. Aries says he respects him and if he disrespected him then he would know it. He gives Joe his water bottle and says he has a match.

Crimson vs. Austin Aries

Crimson is billed as "The Undefeated." Aries feels him out with kicks to the leg but Crimson picks him up and drives him into the corner. He whips Aries in the corner but Aries counters and continues with kicks and elbows in the corner. Aries hits a corkscrew slingshot off the ropes for 2. Aries tries a springboard moonsault but Crimson gets hits knees up.

Crimson lifts him for the Red Sky but Aries counters it into a head scissors hurricanrana. Aries hits a running dropkick in the corner. Crimson counters a brainbuster. Aries hits a suicide dive to the outside. Aries goes up top but Joe comes down and sweeps his feet and he falls off. Joe has the water bottle in his hands. Crimson makes the cover for the win.

Winner by pin: Crimson

Crimson grabs a mic on his way up the ramp and say nobody can beat him and he just beat Aries single handedly. He says he has been undefeated for 468 days which he says is longer than that Goldberg guy. He issues an open challenge to anybody for Slammiversary.

Hogan is backstage and he is talking to the camera. He tells Brooke to be careful and he loves her.


Brooke introduces herself to the Knockouts. She says they are beautiful and says thank you for letting her work with them. She is making a four-way match tonight to determine the #1 contender. She is giving Velvet the first opportunity outside of wrestling. She chooses Velvet to be in the new Montgomery Gentry video. Mickie James doesn't look too pleased. They all hug.

Hogan comes to the ring. He says it's the 10 year anniversary for Impact. The crowd chants "TNA." He says the party is going through the PPV to next week's show. Next week there will be a World Title match no matter who the champ is. Roode's music hits.

He comes to the ring and says he has a great idea. He tells Hogan to shut his mouth and show him the proper respect. He talks about all that Hogan has put him through recently. Hogan keeps trying to interject but Roode keeps telling him he's not done yet. He days Hogan is jealous of him and even in his prime he couldn't lace Roode's boots. He grabs Hogan by the shirt and tells him to get out of his ring.

Sting's music hits and he comes to the ring. Roode immediately attacks him and turns around to face Hogan but Sting gets up behind him and hands his butt to him. Roode escapes up the ramp.

The knockouts stretch backstage in preparation for their match.


Joseph Park is backstage. He says he went from a concerned family member to being a fan in the stands. He can't believe he's in the position he's in. He's in the business of truth and justice and at Slammiversary he might get a bit of both.

#1 Contender's Four-Way Knockouts Match:
Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara

All four women go at it. Tara and Tessmacher get knocked out of the ring. Gail Kim comes out on the stage to watch.


Mickie and Velvet mix it up in the ring. Gail has joined commentary. She says she doesn't care who she faces because she has beaten all of them. Mickie gets a near fall on Tessmacher. Velvet comes in and breaks a pin. She throws Tessmacher out of the ring. Tara comes in and tries to steal a pin on Velvet. Gail encourages fans to tweet questions to her. Tara dominates Velvet in the ring. She applies a Boston Crab as Mickie comes in and puts her in a headlock and Tessmacher applies a headlock on Mickie. Taz calls it one giant hot octopus.

Velvet gets a near fall on Tara. Mickie and Velvet go at it in the ring. Mickie hits a faceplant. Tara comes in and throws Mickie out. She tries a moonsault off the top but Velvet moves. Tara gets up slowly and Tessmacher challenges her but Tara overpowers her. Tara hits a side slam. Velvet hits a DDT on Tara. Mickie comes off the top with a Thesz Press on Velvet and hits a Superkick to her. Tessmacher comes up from behind and hits a faceplant to Mickie and gets the win.

Winner by pin and Knockouts #1 Contender: Miss Tessmacher

Gail applauds her from the booth.

Bully Ray is backstage. He has a new contract for Park to sign for their match at the PPV.


They recap the Dixie situation again.

Hogan is on the phone with AJ and he doesn't care about his personal problems. He tells him to get here for his match and calls him a son of a b*tch.

Borash is in the ring and he introduces Bully Ray and Joseph Park for their contract signing. Bully comes out first to a sea of boo's. He asks if we know who he is and he gets in Borash's face. Park comes out to no music. He is getting better at getting in the ring. The crowd wants tables.

Bully rips the contract in Parks face and produces a new one. He says they are not having a standard wrestling match. The contract relieves him of all liability. Bully signs the contract and shoves it in Park's chest. Park tries to look it over and Bully tells him to just sign it. Park says he's never been in a fight and he's just an attorney. He refuses to sign it and throws the contract down. Bully extends his hand and forces Park to shake it and he spits in his face and asks 'what about now?'

Park wipes away the spit and says Abyss gave his life to TNA for the last 10 years. He says how dare Bully desecrate his legacy. He says he'll do it but he's doing it for his brother. He goes to sign the contract.

Pyro hits and Abyss appears on the screen. Abyss says he warned Park to step away from the fire and now it's too late. Park says he was doing it to help him. Abyss says he doesn't need his help. He asks Bully if he looks dead to him. They will both find out how alive he is at Slammiversary. Bully hits a cheap shot on Park from behind and lays him out. Bully leaves.

Earlier in the day: Garett approaches Devon in the locker room. He wants to watch his back tonight. Devon says he really likes him and he has heart. Devon says he will be honored to have him in his corner. They embrace.


Taz says he hasn't changed his mind regarding Joey Ryan and Gut Check from last week. He likes him but he needs to get better. Tenay sends to a video of Joey Ryan from last week. He says Taz is a joke. Al Snow comes and tells him to shut his mouth. Ryan says Snow is pathetic. Snow escorts Ryan away by his neck.

TNA Television Championship:
Robbie E. w/ Robbie T. vs. Devon w/ Garett Bischoff

Robbie attacks Devon immediately. Devon fights back out of the corner but is knocked down. Madison Rayne is watching from the stage. Robbie makes a pin attempt for 2. Robbie hits an elbow for another 2. He whips Devon in and Devon hits a spear and a flurry of intense offense. Robbie T. takes Devon's legs out from under him from outside the ring. Devon makes a small package in the ring as the ref restrains Garett. Robbie T. goes in the ring and reverses it with Robbie E. on top. The ref goes to restrain Robbie T. off the apron as Garett goes in the ring and reverses it back. The ref makes the count.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA TV Champion: Devon

Robbie T. comes up from behind and takes out both men. Garett and Devon fight them off and out of the ring.


Hogan is in the ring as we see a video of his encounter with Roode from earlier. He says he was rudely interrupted earlier. Mr. Anderson's music hits and his mic lowers on the stage as he introduces himself. He comes to the ring. We get an a-hole chant from the crowd and Anderson thanks them. They edited the first a-hole bomb Anderson dropped from the stage but not the other several ones that he and Hogan keep dropping.

Anderson says he thinks what Hogan was about to say is that he gets the title shot next week. Hogan calls RVD to the ring. RVD's music hits and he comes to the ring. Hogan calls Jeff Hardy out too. Hardy comes out with face paint and a shirt and tie.

Hogan makes a 3-way at Slammiversary between the 3 men and the winner will get a title shot the following Thursday on Impact.


-Slammiversary Card Rundown

Kazarian & Daniels and Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Sting

AJ fails to appear when his music hits and they go to Sting's entrance. Kaz & Daniels attack Sting and Angle but get put in the Deathlock and the Angle Lock as Roode watches from ringside.


Daniels takes it to Sting in the ring. Sting gets triple teamed as the ref restrains Angle. Kazarian tags in and continues to dominate Sting's lifeless body. Roode tags in and drops a big knee across Sting's throat. Sting fights back and misses a Stinger Splash in the corner. Both men struggle to get up. Daniels runs across the ring and takes out Angle before Sting can make the tag. All three men stomp Sting in the middle of the ring. Roode applies the crossface.

AJ hops the guardrail and runs in to even the odds. He chases Daniels outside the ring. Angle takes it to Kazarian and hits a belly-to-belly, tossing Kaz out of the ring. AJ hits a Pele to Daniels and he goes out of the ring. AJ leaps over the top with a Senton and takes out Kaz, Daniels, and Angle too. Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Roode and he taps.

Winners by submission: Sting, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle

Sting raises the championship over his head and throws it to Roode as Roode rolls out of the ring.

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