TNA Impact Results: AJ & Dixie Situation Explodes, Big Six-Man Tag - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Bully rips the contract in Parks face and produces a new one. He says they are not having a standard wrestling match. The contract relieves him of all liability. Bully signs the contract and shoves it in Park's chest. Park tries to look it over and Bully tells him to just sign it. Park says he's never been in a fight and he's just an attorney. He refuses to sign it and throws the contract down. Bully extends his hand and forces Park to shake it and he spits in his face and asks 'what about now?'

Park wipes away the spit and says Abyss gave his life to TNA for the last 10 years. He says how dare Bully desecrate his legacy. He says he'll do it but he's doing it for his brother. He goes to sign the contract.

Pyro hits and Abyss appears on the screen. Abyss says he warned Park to step away from the fire and now it's too late. Park says he was doing it to help him. Abyss says he doesn't need his help. He asks Bully if he looks dead to him. They will both find out how alive he is at Slammiversary. Bully hits a cheap shot on Park from behind and lays him out. Bully leaves.

Earlier in the day: Garett approaches Devon in the locker room. He wants to watch his back tonight. Devon says he really likes him and he has heart. Devon says he will be honored to have him in his corner. They embrace.


Taz says he hasn't changed his mind regarding Joey Ryan and Gut Check from last week. He likes him but he needs to get better. Tenay sends to a video of Joey Ryan from last week. He says Taz is a joke. Al Snow comes and tells him to shut his mouth. Ryan says Snow is pathetic. Snow escorts Ryan away by his neck.

TNA Television Championship:
Robbie E. w/ Robbie T. vs. Devon w/ Garett Bischoff

Robbie attacks Devon immediately. Devon fights back out of the corner but is knocked down. Madison Rayne is watching from the stage. Robbie makes a pin attempt for 2. Robbie hits an elbow for another 2. He whips Devon in and Devon hits a spear and a flurry of intense offense. Robbie T. takes Devon's legs out from under him from outside the ring. Devon makes a small package in the ring as the ref restrains Garett. Robbie T. goes in the ring and reverses it with Robbie E. on top. The ref goes to restrain Robbie T. off the apron as Garett goes in the ring and reverses it back. The ref makes the count.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA TV Champion: Devon

Robbie T. comes up from behind and takes out both men. Garett and Devon fight them off and out of the ring.


Hogan is in the ring as we see a video of his encounter with Roode from earlier. He says he was rudely interrupted earlier. Mr. Anderson's music hits and his mic lowers on the stage as he introduces himself. He comes to the ring. We get an a-hole chant from the crowd and Anderson thanks them. They edited the first a-hole bomb Anderson dropped from the stage but not the other several ones that he and Hogan keep dropping.

Anderson says he thinks what Hogan was about to say is that he gets the title shot next week. Hogan calls RVD to the ring. RVD's music hits and he comes to the ring. Hogan calls Jeff Hardy out too. Hardy comes out with face paint and a shirt and tie.

Hogan makes a 3-way at Slammiversary between the 3 men and the winner will get a title shot the following Thursday on Impact.


-Slammiversary Card Rundown

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