TNA Impact Results: AJ & Dixie Situation Explodes, Big Six-Man Tag - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

TNA Impact Results: AJ & Dixie Situation Explodes, Big Six-Man Tag - Sound Off With Your Thoughts
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We begin this week with a video recap of Kaz & Daniels' scoop on Dixie and AJ's apparent relationship.

The pyro goes off and we are about to hear from Dixie. Tenay sends to a video shot after last week's show went off the air. Dixie is irate and screaming at Kaz & Daniels that they are finished. She tells the cameraman to get out of her face and she cusses and says 'fine me.' She goes to the video truck and goes off on them.

Dixie is in the ring to some boo's and then they chant "Dixie." She has tears in her eyes and her voice is shaky. She says no matter what she says people are going to be hurt. She says she feels bad for Kaz & Daniels for their insecurity and hate. Their music hits and they come to the ring.

Daniels takes her mic and says he knows how hard this is for her. He says she made a mistake and she got found out. He tells her to tell the people that she is a woman and she wants what she wants. He says her husband couldn't fill the hole in her heart. She starts to hit him and tells him to stop it. He pushes her down and says to never put her hands on him.

AJ comes running down to her rescue and Kazarian & Daniels escape. Dixie's husband shows up too and he punches AJ and leaves. AJ consoles a crying Dixie in the ring and they leave together. She pushes the camera away as AJ covers his face.


Tenay sends to a video of what just transpired.

Joe approaches Aries backstage and tells him he hopes the water isn't a veiled disrespect toward him. Aries says he respects him and if he disrespected him then he would know it. He gives Joe his water bottle and says he has a match.

Crimson vs. Austin Aries

Crimson is billed as "The Undefeated." Aries feels him out with kicks to the leg but Crimson picks him up and drives him into the corner. He whips Aries in the corner but Aries counters and continues with kicks and elbows in the corner. Aries hits a corkscrew slingshot off the ropes for 2. Aries tries a springboard moonsault but Crimson gets hits knees up.

Crimson lifts him for the Red Sky but Aries counters it into a head scissors hurricanrana. Aries hits a running dropkick in the corner. Crimson counters a brainbuster. Aries hits a suicide dive to the outside. Aries goes up top but Joe comes down and sweeps his feet and he falls off. Joe has the water bottle in his hands. Crimson makes the cover for the win.

Winner by pin: Crimson

Crimson grabs a mic on his way up the ramp and say nobody can beat him and he just beat Aries single handedly. He says he has been undefeated for 468 days which he says is longer than that Goldberg guy. He issues an open challenge to anybody for Slammiversary.

Hogan is backstage and he is talking to the camera. He tells Brooke to be careful and he loves her.

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