WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video: Sheamus Vs. Kane, AJ & Kane? - More

Winner by pin: Christian

Cody applauds from ringside.


-RAW Rebound: Cole vs. Cena

Cole grabs a mic from ringside and says Monday was a traumatic experience for him and he is confident that everyone will move on. JR's music hits and out comes Hornswoggle dressed as JR with a bottle of BBQ sauce. Cole is not impressed. Hornswoggle plays the footage from RAW again. Hornswoggle looks strikingly like JR and he has the whole gimmick down perfectly.

Damien Sandow's music hits and he makes his way to the ring as he says he is here to help all of us. He cannot allow this content to continue to assimilate itself into society. He looks down at Hornswoggle and says you're welcome as Hornswoggle mocks him.

Out of nowhere Tyson Kidd comes down and springboards off the ropes with a front dropkick to Sandow. Kidd invites him back in for a fight but Sandow retreats. Kidd turns around to talk to mini-JR as Sandow attacks him from behind. He hits knees to the gut and his signature neckbreaker and then lounges on his body. Sandow does a cartwheel as he basks in his glory.


-footage from Kane's win over CM Punk from RAW

Matt Striker stops Kane backstage and asks how he feels about presumably defeating the WWE and World Champions in the same week. He says he doesn't have any feelings and he will win the title at the PPV. Striker asks him what the deal was with the look that Kane and AJ shared on RAW. Kane glares at him and Matt backs off. Kane walks away as AJ appears from behind some equipment and watches him.

Jimmy Uso is in the ring as Teddy appears on the stage and says Johnny has asked him to endorse a certain superstar. He pulls out a piece of paper from his coat pocket and begins to read. He introduces Antonio Cesaro and his "lover" Aksana with a bunch of hyperbole.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Jimmy Uso

Aksana disrobes him and he gets in the ring. Cesaro hits some strikes but Uso takes over with some nice offense. Cesaro throws him up in the air and catches him on the way down with an uppercut, which is a fantastic looking move. As I said before, it looks something like a "Mortal Kombat Fatality." Cesaro adjusts his neck and drops Uso with his modified face-plant for the quick win.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro and Aksana celebrate in the ring as Teddy looks on with a stoned-face look. Teddy gets in the ring and raises Cesaro's arm as he kisses Aksana; Teddy leaves in disgust.

-RAW 1000th episode superstar memorable moments: Sheamus narrates a moment featuring Jesse Ventura where there was a battle royal which Sheamus won.

Sheamus is introduced and he comes to the ring. We get a video from earlier involving him and Del Rio.

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