WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video: Sheamus Vs. Kane, AJ & Kane? - More


Kane makes his entrance.

Kane vs. Sheamus

They go back and forth and Kane hits a shoulderblock that takes Sheamus down. Sheamus recovers and works the left arm. Kane sends him in the corner and they go back and forth some more. Kane takes over in the corner. Sheamus takes out the knee but Kane throws Sheamus on the apron and hits a big boot, sending Sheamus to the outside.


Kane is in control as we return to action. Kane hits a side slam and works the neck. Sheamus catches Kane in the corner with both boots to the grill and comes off the top with a shoulderblock. Both men struggle to get up but Kane gets up first. Sheamus takes it to Kane with strikes in the corner and a big knee lift and a flying forearm and Kane quickly kicks out. Sheamus hits a powerslam and gets 2. Kane fights off Sheamus' shoulders and hit a knee to the gut for 2.

Sheamus hits a Rock Bottom style backbreaker across his knee and gets another near fall. Sheamus does his signature forearms to the chest in the ropes spot. He tries to bring Kane in with a suplex but Kane drives his neck across the ropes. Kane goes up top but Sheamus meets him and tries to bring him down with a superplex but Kane fights him off and flies off but Sheamus moves out of the way. Kane favors his knee as Sheamus lifts him up and hits the White Noise but fails to make a cover.

Sheamus is winded as he slowly gets up with a look of intensity in his eyes. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick as Kane slowly gets to his feet. Kane catches his boot and goes for the Chokeslam but Sheamus counters out and they both hit each other with simultaneous clotheslines.

Ricardo and Del Rio run down and the ref calls for the bell. Ricardo beats Del Rio to the ring and gets a clothesline from Sheamus and Del Rio backs off before actually getting in the ring. Kane catches Sheamus from behind and knocks him down. AJ comes down to ringside and Kane looks at her, confused. Kane turns around into a Brogue Kick. Ricardo gets in the ring and gets a Brogue Kick to the face. Sheamus stares Del Rio down.

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