Paul Roma Slams Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan And Brooke Hogan


Guttman interjects that it sometimes feels like the man who profited the most from wrestling and controls the wrestling industry actually despises wrestling. It feels as though Vince is embarrassed by it and wishes he was famous for something else. JG brings up the chapter in his first book "World Wrestling Insanity" that lists the words announcers were told not to say on TV. One of them wrestling.

"I think Vince should have realized he didn't have the power he thought he had when he went up against WWF for the rights to (the name) and he lost. He had to change to WWE. That should have told you something. He beat the drug investigation. He beat that. Then he does the battle with WWF and he lost that. Then he did movies and he lost that. Then he promotes boxing, he loses that. Promote football, loses that. Tries to create his own bodybuilding world, he loses that. But, like the fat girl in the mirror with her skirt hiked up to her ass, exploding through it, he doesn't see it. He just doesn't see it.

"He's a very jealous, insecure man. Hence back to Power and Glory. They didn't create our dolls because he never liked me. He's jealous of me. Couldn't look like me. Couldn't get the women I got. Couldn't have the body I had, and still have. A little smaller, but still. He didn't have the security that I have. The self confidence that I have. So he pushes people back. Don't do this. Don't do that. Don't create t-shirts for Power and Glory. Don't send them to the top. Get them close, but then pull them back down. Then split the team up. That's him, man. That's what he's all about. He can look in the mirror and see what he wants to see, but the people who know him, know the real him. And if he looks deep enough, he knows the real him. He's just a punk ass b---h."

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