Jeremy Borash is backstage with the TNA Tag Team Champions Kazarian and Daniels. They run their mouth and put themselves over.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

The winner of this one will get a TNA World Heavyweight Title shot on this coming Thursday's Impact. Mr. Anderson is out first and after introducing himself, he heads to the ring. Rob Van Dam is out next to a big pop as is Jeff Hardy.

The match starts and Jeff Hardy fights off each man and looks to take control early on. Anderson takes RVD to the corner but Hardy whips Anderson into him and splashes them both. Hardy with a big dropkick in the corner and a quick pin attempt. Hardy takes Anderson down with a head scissors. Anderson comes right back with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Anderson is countered by RVD and shoved back into the corner with shoulder thrusts. RVD goes to working on Hardy in the opposite corner now. RVD goes between Hardy and Anderson, keeping control of the match. Pin attempt on Hardy but his foot is under the rope. RVD goes for a flip on Anderson but gets slammed. 2 count for Anderson.

Anderson has Hardy up top for a superplex but RVD breaks it up. Anderson comes back and sends RVD to the floor. Anderson climbs back up and superplexes Hardy. RVD comes off the top with a frogsplash but both Hardy and Anderson move out of the way. All three men are down now. Anderson and RVD trade shots on their knees. Hardy gets involved and all three men fight from their knees. Anderson gets up first but RVD kicks him back to the mat. RVD takes Sting down with a scissors and pins him for 2. RVD with a big kick from the top rope but Hardy kicks out at 2. RVD comes out of the corner with another heel kick and takes Anderson out. RVD with a split legged moonsault from the corner on Anderson. Hardy breaks up the pin at 2.

RVD with another kick on Hardy. RVD monkey flips Anderson and gets another pin attempt. RVD drops Hardy with another thrust kick to the face. Anderson stops RVD with a kick to the gut and backslides him for 2. Hardy breaks it up with a leg drop and holds it for a pin attempt of his own. Hardy fights off Anderson but Anderson scoops him with the plunge and then clotheslines RVD to the floor. Anderson with a 2 count on Hardy. RVD yanks Anderson out to the floor and they brawl. Hardy leaps from the top rope and takes them both out on the floor. Hardy whips Anderson into the steel steps. They come back in and Hardy moonsaults onto RVD for a 2 count. Hardy misses a kick from RVD but RVD blocks a suplex. Hardy nails Twist of Fate out of nowhere and dropkicks Anderson back to the floor. Hardy goes up top and hits the Swanton but Anderson pulls the referee as he's counting.

More back and forth. Hardy gets dumped outside. Anderson blocks Rolling Thunder from RVD and nails the Mic Check for the win and #1 contender spot.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

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