We go back to the ring and out comes Hulk Hogan again.

Hogan speaks from the stage and tells everyone to give it up for Joseph Park and Slammiversary. Hogan says he has one more surprise and introduces current WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian. Hogan introduces him as Christian Cage. Christian comes out to a big pop from the crowd and heads to the ring.

Christian enters the ring to a "welcome back" chant. "You sold out" chants start up next. Christian says everyone has been asking him all week if it was true that he was appearing at Slammiversary. A "yes" chant breaks out from the crowd. Christian points out that there's no longer a six-sided ring. He says the ring may have changed, the venues might change and some of the faces may have changed but the one thing that hasn't changed is the fans. Christian says the fans have allowed TNA to be in existence for 10 yeas and beyond. TNA tells the fans to stand up and give themselves an applause, even the fans at home. Christian presents the #1 moment in TNA history and shows us video from Slammiversary when Sting returned in 2006. The video abruptly ends and that's it. No more Christian, no live shot from the arena. We go right to a video package for tonight's tag team title match.

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