TNA Tag Team Title Match: Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs. Kazarian and Daniels

The TNA Tag Team Champions Kazarian and Daniels are out first. Kurt Angle is out first for his team followed by AJ Styles. AJ rushes the ring and here we go. Things settle down a bit and it's AJ going at it with Kazarian. AJ knocks Kaz back with a big kick to the head and follows up with a dropkick. AJ with a dropkick on Daniels as he tries to come in. AJ fights Kaz on the floor and slides under the guardrail. AJ springboards back off the guardrail and takes out Kaz with a flying forearm. Daniels gets laid out by Angle with a clothesline on the other sid eof the ring. AJ brings it back in the ring for a scoop slam and a big knee drop.

Angle comes in for a bit of double teaming for a pin attempts. Kaz turns it around on Angle and backs him in the corner, tagging in Daniels. Daniels with a kick to the mouth. Angle backdrops Daniels and tags in AJ. AJ works Daniels over and drops him with a backbreaker. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but it's blocked. Kazarian is tagged in and they turn things around on AJ in the corner. Kaz talks trash and beats AJ down. Kaz runs into a big boot and AJ goes to the top. He fights Daniels off but Kaz kicks him. AJ ends upside down, hung from the ring post. Kaz kicks him and bends his knee. AJ ends up on the floor and Daniels brings him back in. More quick tags and double teaming by the champions now. Daniels stomps on AJ from the top and makes another tag for another pin attempt.

More tags and a double team powerbomb for a 2 count as Angle runs in to break it up. The champs continue to keep control of AJ. AJ counters a suplex and connects with a neckbreaker. Daniels and Angle come in at the same time. Angle unloads and hits a big overhead suplex. Angle hits a German suplex on Kaz and then a German on Daniels. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Daniels but Kaz breaks the pin up. Angle with three Germans on Kaz now. The third one has Daniels attached and Angle slams them both. Angle with the ankle lock on Daniels. Kazarian breaks the hold with a big kick to the head and Angle goes down.

Angle blocks the double underhook from Daniels. AJ springboards in for some assistance. Angle goes back down and the champs try to double team AJ. AJ catches them both with a DDT at the same time - one reverse and one standard. AJ misses a splash in the corner and gets kicked in the face by Kaz. Angle with a t-bone suplex on Daniels. Kaz slingshots in and takes Angle out. AJ drops Kaz on his face and covers for a close 2 count. The crowd chants "this is awesome" now. AJ fights Kaz in the corner and takes him up top. AJ climbs up for a superplex but Kaz pushes him off. Angle runs up and tosses Kaz from the top to the mat. Angle turns around to a takedown from Daniels. AJ and Daniels trade shots now. AJ drops Daniels to one knee with headbutts. Daniels counters a clothesline and slams him to the mat. Daniels misses the Best Moonsault Ever and Angle catches him with a German. AJ drops Kaz with a pele kick. Angle tags in and hits a top rope splash on Kaz. Angle covers for the win but Daniels pulls the referee. AJ springboards to the floor and takes out Daniels with a huge flip. Angle counters Fade to Black and locks in the ankle lock. Angle drops down with it as Kaz reaches for the ropes. Kaz can't make it and taps out for the win.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: AJ Styles and Kurt Angle

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