Thanks to reader Anders Levance for sending in these detailed results from last night's SmackDown taping in Manchester, NH:

The dark match was Dean Ambrose facing WWE developmental wrestler Big E Langston. Ambrose cut a heel promo on the way to the ring saying that he's no curtain jerker, and that if you don't know him, you're going to. Decent promo that got him some heat. Big E comes out billed from Manchester, NH. He gets a decent pop, but that's likely only because people think he is local. Match started and they lock up. Big E takes control early, but Dean starts to fight back and work Big E's knee. Short-lived offense for Dean before E regained control and got the pin with a face drop bodyslam.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks vs. Percy Watson and Derrick Bateman opens NXT. Hawkins and Reks get a little heat coming out as they are rocking "People Power" shirts. Solid match. Hawkins and Reks get the win after Reks hit a suplex on Bateman in the ring, while Hawkins held Percy Waton's legs while he was trying to get in the ring.

Kaitlyn and Natalya was upnext. Typical divas match with about 40 roll-ups happened. Kaitlyn wins with a roll-up. Nothing memorable happened during this match.

The Usos head out to little to no reception. They start their war dance and start getting the crowd going with "Usos" chants. Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis come out to little reception. Solid match. At the end of the match, Jimmy (I think) ends up outside. Jey hits a slam and splash for the win in the ring. Jey sells his leg to the back.

Superstars is next.

We are back as Justin Gabriel is introduced. Hunico comes out with Camacho. Some solid spots in the match. Some down time too where it seemed to drag. Gabriel hits a suicide dive while Hunico is running outside. They battle back and forth and Hunico takes control. Crowd chanting "USA" even though neither man is from the USA. Welcome to New Hampshire. They end up on the top rope and Hunico hits a move, I don't know its name, but he jumps up, turns and grabs Gabriel with his legs around the waist and flips them over in the air for a slam and holds him down for the pin.

SmackDown is up next. Booker T comes out to a big pop while Michael Cole comes out to major heat.

AJ comes out. She cuts a promo when she is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. Vickie says that Dolph Ziggler will beat Sheamus at No Way Out. Ziggler comes out and talks about how he was in a pointless tag team match with Jack Swagger two weeks ago, and that he told the world what they already knew, and that was that he is better than this. They start harassing AJ in the ring when CM Punk's music hits to a huge pop. He cuts a promo on how Ziggler always fails and Vickie talks him up, but her never delivers. Out comes Daniel Bryan, followed by Sheaus. Sheamus says, "we're all here, why don't we just do this now?" Just like that, the match is underway.

Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. Solid action. Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick but gets distracted, and Ziggler rolls him up for the pin. AJ gets hurt by Vickie and out comes Kane. Kane picks up AJ, but Punk attacks him. Punk and Kane battle in the ring. Bryan gets up and Kane hits him with a chokeslam, followed by one on Punk.

Brodus Clay comes out and takes the mic. He talks about how John Laurinaitis won't allow him on RAW and how he isn't allowed near the Big Show. Heath Slater comes out and get squashed in 20 seconds. David Otunga comes out and attacks Brodus Clay. Brodus then needed to be helped to the back by several officials.

WWE Divas Champion Layla comes out for commentary and watches Beth Phoenix squash Alicia Fox. After the match, Phoenix stared down Layla.

John Laurinaitis and The Big Show cut a promo about No Way Out.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Jack Swagger with a frog splash. After the match, Swagger got on the mic and cut a promo. Triple H comes out to a huge pop and pedigrees Swagger and chases Vickie away.

Ryback squashed two local wrestlers.

Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd in a really short match, under a minute.

John Cena comes out to a huge pop and cuts a promo on the Big Show. Laurinaitis comes out and tells Cena that Show has left. Cena says he'll just have to knock out Laurinaitis instead, but Laurinaitis told him he'll be fired. Cena said that his match with Big Show must happen Sunday, so he can't be fired. Cena then proceeded to knock out Laurinaitis. The taping ends here.

After the match, Laurinaitis announces a handicap match, and that it will be three against one. Big Show and David Otunga come out to join Laurinaitis. The match begins and the trio dominate the match. Otunga held Cena at one point and Show went for the WMD, but Cena ducked and Show hit Otunga. Cena then hit the AA on Otunga and pinned him to win the match. After the match, he hit the AA on Laurinaitis.

Biggest Pops
John Cena
CM Punk
Triple H
Brodus Clay

Most Heat
John Laurinaitis
The Big Show
Michael Cole
Vickie Guerrero

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