Welcome to our WrestlingInc.com WWE NXT Recap for June 13, 2012.

Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Percy Watson & Derrick Bateman

Regal says he had a long conversation with Vince and that he has some thinking to do. Bateman starts off with Hawkins. They go back and forth with holds and Hawkins hits a shoulderblock off the ropes. Bateman gets the better of him and Hawkins tags Reks to some boo's from the crowd. Bateman hits some chops and tags in Percy.

Percy hits a nice European Uppercut as he tags Bateman back in. Hawkins heckles from his corner. Bateman hits a crossbody but gets caught with a big boot from Reks; Hawkins tags back in. Bateman fights out of a headlock and tags Watson who cleans house and tags in Bateman to finish them off on the outside with a suicide dive.


Back in the ring, Hawkins tries to fight out of and armbar courtesy of Watson. Watson is distracted by Reks and Hawkins takes advantage for a near fall. Reks comes in and continues their offense. Reks hits a big clothesline for 2. More tags by Hawkins & Reks. Watson works up from a headlock only to get kicked in the head; Watson manages to kick out. Josh Matthews says we are a week away from a brand new NXT.

Watson hits Reks with a side slam and hits a kick as both men slowly get up. Watson makes the hot tag to Bateman and he takes control. He takes care of Hawkins on the apron and a leg drop on Reks for a 2. Hawkins kicks Bateman in the head behind the ref's back which allows Reks to capitalize with a modified power bomb for the win.

Winners by pin: Reks & Hawkins


-New NXT Promo Video

Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

Kaitlyn is wearing pink & black and Natalya comes to the ring in a black trench coat. They lock up and Natalya takes her down at once. Kaitlyn returns the favor and flip over on top for the pin. Natalya powers up from her back and does a backslide pin for 2. Natalya shoves her on her butt and says she hates her. Natalya stomps on Kaitlyn's finger and kicks her then sits on her for a 2. Natalya continues to keep her down. Natalya put her in a bow and arrow and gets 2 near falls.

Natalya shoves Kaitlyn on her butt and says she hates her. Natalya stomps on Kaitlyn's finger and kicks her then sits on her for a 2. Natalya continues to keep her down. Natalya put her in a bow and arrow and gets 2 near falls. Kaitlyn fights out of a slam attempt and rolls her up for 2. Natalya charges in but Kaitlyn moves and hits a dropkick. Kaitlyn sends her in and hits a crossbody for another 2. Natalya puts her feet on the corner ropes for leverage and almost gets 3. Natalya is frustrated that she can't get a pin. Kaitlyn rolls through for the 3.

Winner by pin Kaitlyn

Natalya throws a temper tantrum in the ring.


-Bo Dallas promo for the new NXT

-RAW Rebound

-Richie Steamboat promo for the new NXT

The Uso's vs. Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty

Jimmy and McGillicutty start things off; McGillicutty takes him down and gloats. Jimmy hits some gyrating headbutts and hits a double axehandle. Curtis runs in and gets one too. Jey tags in and almost gets a pin. McGillicutty retreats and tags Curtis. Curtis misses a legdrop and Jey puts him in a headlock. They trade blows on their feet. Jey goes up top but is taken out by McGillicutty from the apron. Curtis and McGillicutty make some quick tags. They double team Jey's leg on the apron.


McGillicutty continues to work the leg. They make more quick tags and continue to wrap Jey's leg around the ring apron. Jey and Curtis trade chops. Curtis stops the hot tag. The quick tags continue. Jey kicks Curtis out of the ring and dropkicks McGillicutty to and makes the tag to Jimmy. A fresh Jimmy comes in and dominates McGillicutty. McGillicutty hits a Saito suplex and gets 2. Jey tags himself back in but his bad knee gives out. Curtis comes off the top with a legdrop on Jey. McGillicutty makes the cover, Jimmy comes in to break it. Jimmy tags back in and comes off the top with a splash on McGillicutty for the win.

Winners by pin: The Uso's

Regal tells the higher up's in WWE, "Please, this is what we want more of, tag-team wrestling."

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