TNA Impact Results: Sting Attacked By Masked Men, Hogan Has Plans For Aries, Big Return, Sound Off

TNA Impact Results: Sting Attacked By Masked Men, Hogan Has Plans For Aries, Big Return, Sound Off
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We start with a recap of James Storm's road back to the ring.

The pyro goes off and Mike Tenay lets us know that the Ultimate X Tournament returns tonight with the X-Division title on the line. Taz says the Bound for Glory Series returns tonight also with a gauntlet match.

Zima Ion and Chris Sabin are in the ring.

X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Austin Aries (c) vs. Zima Ion vs. Chris Sabin

Ion scales the towers and tries to makes his way across the cables but is brought down. Aries and Sabin go back and forth with Ion on the outside. Ion comes in and takes Aries off the top. Ion goes back on the cable but Sabin pulls him down. Sabin hits a monster Tornado DDT of the second turnbuckle. Aries gets knocked off the top by Sabin. Sabin scales the cable and makes it halfway across before Aries pulls him down and drops him after and airplane spin. Aries kicks Ion out of the ring and launches Sabin on top of him, then hits a suicide dive on both. With nobody in the ring,

Aries works his way across the wire before Ion pulls him down. Ion hits a boot in the corner and makes his way up the steel structure as Aries and Sabin scuffle. Aries goes up behind Ion and forces him down. Aries keeps his balance and makes it to the cable before Ion grabs his leg. Aries moves into position and hits a hurricanrana and follows up in the center of the ring with a brainbuster. Aries works his way across the cable to grab the title.

Winner and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Aries grabs a mic and says he's here to take respect. Hogan's music hits.


Hogan says he hears the chants when Aries comes to the ring, he's not deaf. He says he's been everywhere Aries is trying to go, we get a "Hogan" chant. Hogan says he's never had the goose bumps he gets when he sees Aries wrestle, Hogan says Aries is the greatest thing in the ring that he has ever seen. Aries says he wants to be the main event.

Hogan says he can do that but he has to put his money where his mouth is. Hogan can't have one man with both titles so Aries has to give up the X-Division Title and if he wins at Destination X, he becomes the World Champion. Aries says he has worked hard for the title. Hogan says he wants him to become something greater and he has one week to make his decision.

-Slammiversary Moment from Sunday: Dixie introduces the show, Park beats Bully Ray

Park is sitting at a table backstage bragging to employees about his win. Bully shows up and they all run away. Bully is looking for Abyss. Park says the last time he saw him he was putting Bully though a table. Bully turns the table over and says the will not rest until he finds Abyss.

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