TNA Impact Results: Sting Attacked By Masked Men, Hogan Has Plans For Aries, Big Return, Sound Off

Winner of 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series: James Storm

Storm grabs a mic as the crowd chants his name. He says for 2 months he's been spending time with his family. His daughter asked if he was going back to wrestling. He says he didn't know that it means something to her. He made a promise to her to come back and be the World Champion. He gets a "welcome back" chant. He says the Cowboy is back and he prays Roode is still champion after Bound for Glory.

Roode is backstage and he says he's not concerned and that Storm is jealous of him. He has bigger fish to fry tonight in the form of and a**hole.


Angle asks AJ in the locker room what is going on with him. He says to get this sh*t out of his head. AJ says he promises he'll get focused.

-Slammiversary Moment: Miss Tessmacher wins the Knockouts Title

Madison Rayne comes to the ring followed by Miss Tessmacher.

Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne

They lock up and Tessmacher takes Madison down. Madison gains offense, she hits a faceplant for 2. Tessmacher hits a neckbreaker for a 2. Tessmacher hits a flurry of offense and another faceplant off the second rope. Madison fights but gets a big clothesline and is pinned.

Winner by pin: Miss Tessmacher

Gail Kim and Brooke Hogan are backstage. Brooke tries to pitch a match to her with 4 girls for the #1 contendership at Open Fight Night. Gail says she was the longest champion in history and she should be the #1 contender, plus she has a rematch clause. Brooke says she makes the decision when she gets her rematch so since she doesn't want to be in the contenders match, "enjoy your vacation."

-Slammiversary Moment: Anderson becomes the #1 contender

-After the match: Anderson says he never forgot about Roode hitting him with a bottle. He will pay him back but it will be face to face.

Roode and Anderson walk toward the Impact Zone.


-Slammiversary Moment: Roode beats Sting, Sting gets his heat back on the stage

World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Mr. Anderson

They lock up with intensity and Anderson hits a clothesline and another one in the corner. Anderson is in the zone. He hits a suplex, bringing Roode in from the apron. Roode misses a springboard splash on the outside and hits the ground hard. Anderson sends him into the steps.


Roode is in control in the ring with a headlock on the canvas. Anderson rolls him up twice for 2. Roode hits a neckbreaker for 2. Anderson hits a series of strikes and a neckbreaker. Anderson sets up for the Mic Check but Roode counters into a crossface submission. Anderson gets out and hits a Senton Slam for a 2. Roode throws Anderson into the corner and applies the crossface again. Anderson eventually taps.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

AJ and Dixie talk some more backstage, Dixie says that next week they will come clean. AJ says it has to be soon because it is affecting his life. They embrace.

-Slammiversary Moment: Sting is the 1st inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame

Sting walks toward the arena.


Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He sends to a highlight reel of Sting with Hogan, Angle, and others singing his praises. Borash introduces Sting.

Sting says Sunday was one of the best nights in his wrestling career. He took a big chunk out or Roode's behind and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Sting thanks Jeff and Jerry Jarrett for starting TNA. He starts to thank Dixie but he is attacked by 3 masked men. The crowd chants for Hogan. The men continue to decimate Sting as the show goes off the air.

What are your thought's on tonight's show? Sound off below.

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