Thanks to reader Tim Silva for sending in these results from last night's WWE Supershow in Lowell, MA:

The Tsongas Center was over 75% full a very solid crowd. Match listing went like this:

Brodus Clay pinned JTG in the opening match....Brodus was selling his knee injury, David Otunga came down to help distract Brodus enabling JTG to attack the injured knee.

Dean Ambrose pinned Alex Riley in the second match. The crowd popped pretty well for A-RY but Ambrose put on a good show both in the ring and on the mic, he scored the pin with a DDT

Christian retained his Intercontinental title against Cody Rhodes in a pretty standard match that saw Captain Charisma score the pin with the spear.

Kofi Kingston teamed with Zack Ryder to take on Primo and Epico. Before the bell David Otunga came down to announce that the match was for the title. Primo pinned Kofi while Kofi's foot was on the rope, the referee missed it and awarded the tag titles to the former champs. However, another official came down to reverse the decision enabling Kofi and Ryder to hit their respective finishers for a double pin.

John Cena took on Big Show and Otunga in a handicap match. Following a pretty decent beating Cena was able to deliver the AA to the Big Show after Otunga was knocked out by a WMD and then covered Otunga for the win.

After intermission Layla retained her Divas title against Beth Phoenix in a match that was extremely solid. It shows what good can come of giving the Divas a couple of minutes to develop a match.

The crowd was allowed to vote via text for what kind of match (street fight or 2 out of 3 falls) that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would have for the WWE Championship. The result was a street fight that delivered in all ways a Punk Bryan match should. The highlight was Punk holding DBryan so John Cena Sr., who was sitting ringside, could headbutt him. Punk scored the win with a resounding GTS.

The night wrapped up with a steel cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Sheamus and Kane. In a very entertaining match that saw several near escapes and near falls Sheamus was able to escape over the top before Kane made it out the door to retain his title.

Biggest pops of the night were definitely for Cena and Punk, while Big Show had the most heat.

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