Daniel Bryan is backstage warming up when AJ Lee appears. She wants to talk but he's not trying to hear it. AJ says after all that they have been through, she hasn't gotten over him. AJ wishes him good luck tonight and kisses him before walking off.

WWE Divas Title Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Layla

We go to the ring and out first comes Beth Phoenix. The WWE Divas Champion Layla is out next.

They go to lock up and Layla goes behind. They trade holds and go to the corner to break. Beth strikes with a big kick and a clothesline. Beth taunts Layla and says she can't lace her boots. Beth yells at the fans also. Layla comes back but Beth catches her on her shoulders. Layla drops down and dropkicks her leg out. Layla mocks Beth now and impersonates her. Beth charges and Layla goes to the floor and runs back in the ring. Beth charges and Layla slams her face first. Layla goes for a kick to the head and Beth covers her head. Layla makes her jump before kicking her for a 2 count. Beth comes back and sends Layla out to the floor. Beth gets angry and tosses her into the barrier.

Beth brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. More back and forth. Beth with a backbreaker. She holds Layla over her knee and bends her back. Layla fights out with knees to the head. Beth goes for the Glam Slam but Layla fights out and slams down on Beth for a 2 count. Layla with another 2 count from a takedown. Layla with kicks to the head and a crossbody from the corner for another 2 count. Beth gets Layla up for a big powerslam and covers for 2. Beth presses Layla over her head and holds it. Layla turns it into a big DDT from up high for another pin attempt. Beth picks Layla up and rams her back into the corner. Layla comes back with a neckbreaker out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Layla

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