Former WWE Star Calls John Cena The 'Tiger Woods' Of WWE, Discusses If He'd Join TNA

Can you shed more light on your recent comments that John Cena wanted Randy Orton fired when you were in WWE? "It was the same night when Cena tried toughening up Carlito (which was absolutely stupid of Cena) he was pretty much bullying him because we all know if Carlito hit Cena and hurt him he would be fired plain and simple. But regardless once John calmed down I asked him what that was all about he ranted and other crap saying people need to hold their own weight around here and some how he got to Randy being suspended saying he is trying for Randy's release to send a message to everyone that they can all be fired just as easily. As for now I don't know if John is trying for Randy's release or not but if I had to guess I would say it is due to the fact that he told me he was before. This assumption could be wrong (meaning this could be false and not the truth) however John telling me in the past he did want Randy fired is true (that's true because he told me, see how that works haters?)."

Based on your recent tweets about your former relationship with Mickie James, it's clear that behind-the-scenes romance often winds up affecting WWE storylines. What is WWE's attitude towards wrestlers dating divas? "It depends on who you are, top guy like Cena can do what he wants but most of the time they try to f-ck with it like put you on separate shows and make one date another on TV. I think its a little sick joke but who knows really. I mean look at past relationships usually their on separate shows."

Since a return to WWE does not seem likely at this point due to your issues with the company's top star, are you interested in working for Impact Wrestling? "I get flown into TNA to try out. before my try out I see Dixie Carter and tell her thank you for bringing me in and I hope she gets a chance to see what I can do. We talk for a little bit and she ends the conversation with "ya know for a guy who got fired for a bad attitude I don't think your that bad" I'm like what! so i chase her down and say Mrs. Carter why did you say that and where did you get that information if I might ask. She said its all over the internet. So I do my research and find it all over the place that i got fired from WWE for a bad attitude. So now John and Mickie took my personal life, took my job, and left me with a bad reputation. That's real nice.

"Would i wrestle for TNA? if I could make more money working for them or equal to what i do now then yes otherwise it would be a dumb choice right? (verbal yes or head shake is suffice) Another thing people claim my timing is bad on this and maybe your right. John is going through a divorce right now and really wish him and Liz a peaceful divorce. But if anyone of you lost your job, personal life and then got stuck with a bad reputation your gonna honestly say you wouldn't do the same thing? lets get real people."

There's much more to the full interview, including:

- Kenn Doane ranting extensively about John Cena, Cena going crazy on the road, Cena breaking up he and Mickie James' engagement and what happened the last time he was face to face with John Cena backstage at a WWE event.

- How WWE has changed since he left in 2008.

- Name Association game with Vince McMahon, CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton & more.

The full interview is available now at

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