TNA Impact Results: AJ-Dixie Secret Revealed, Aries' Decision, Bound For Glory Series, Sound Off

Winner of 10 points by submission: Kurt Angle

-Tonight's Gut Check contestant: Taeler Hendrix. She has been wrestling for 6 years and has overcome cancer.

Magnus comes to the ring and has someone in mind to challenge.


Magnus is choosing a man whose head is not in the game. He calls out AJ Styles.

BFG Series Open Fight Night: Magnus vs. AJ Styles

AJ runs to the ring and takes it to Magnus with intensity. He goes up top but is caught into suplex by Magnus. AJ hits a dropkick but misses the Pele. Magnus applies a headlock. Joseph Park is eating popcorn and watching from the crowd. AJ hits a kick in the back of the head. Daniels and Kazarian come to the ring with some papers. AJ is distracted and Magnus takes advantage and hits a sit-down slam for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Magnus

-TNA Gut Check is next


Jeremy Borash welcomes us back from the ring and introduces Taeler Hendrix. Her opponent is Tara.

TNA Gut Check: Tara vs. Taeler Hendrix

Taeler offers her hand but Tara slaps it away. Tara hits a nice snap sulplex and scolds Taeler. Tara chokes Taeler from the top turnbuckle. Joseph Park is shown leaving the stands with a production assistant. Taeler comes back with some offense. She slams Tara's head on the mat and the crowd cheers for her. Tara hits the Widow's Peak for the win.

Winner by pin: Tara

Tara helps her up and raises her arm.


Joseph Park runs into Bully Ray backstage. Bully says he smells the fear on him. He tells him if he sees him in the crowd or Abyss again it will be the last time anyone sees either one of them.

Tenay and Taz rundown Aries' decision about his title shot. Samoa Joe's music hits.

Joe says since nobody in the back has the guts to say his name he wants kick things off. He calls out James Storm and says he got lucky last week.

BFG Series Open Fight Night: Samoa Joe vs. James Storm

Joe out powers Storm off the bat. He hits a big kick to the head in the corner and applies an armbar but Storm reaches the ropes with his boot. James tries to comeback but Joe hits a quick powerslam. Joe goes back to the arm. They exchange forearms in the center of the ring. Storm ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulderblock and a clothesline as Joe bumps around. Joe hits a kick to the head in the corner, Storm counters out of a rear naked choke and hits the Last Call for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: James Storm

Storm celebrates with beer in the ring as he sprays the crowd. Joe comes up and hands him a beer as a sign of respect.

-Video recap of the AJ and Dixie situation

AJ tells Dixie backstage that he can't focus and he's falling apart. He needs to do this now.


Brooke wants more feedback from the Knockouts, she wants to know who wants it more. She wants ODB to get her priorities straight with Eric Young and then Brooke will bring her back strong. ODB leaves.

Bully Ray comes to the ring. He looks for Park in the stands and doesn't see him and says it's about time. RVD, The Pope, and Jeff Hardy are the only ones left to challenge. Bully says he's going to take the easy way out and calls out The Pope for and easy 10 points.

BFG Series Open Fight Night: Bully Ray vs. The Pope

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