Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Recap With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Recap With Tons Of Video
The show begins with a recap of James Storm's return last week and Austin Aries' decision tonight.

Pyro and Tenay runs down the highlights of the show.

Hogan comes to the ring.

Hogan says when change happens you make friends and enemies. He says what happened to Sting was uncalled for and they will find out who it was. He says it's time for Aries' decision.

Aries comes to the ring to a good reception. He tells them he has important business. He says it should be a no-brainer but the X-Division Title is the championship TNA is built on. He says he has an "option C" in mind. He wants any future X-Division Champion to be able to cash it in for a World Title shot. Hogan likes the idea.

Roode comes out and is upset with the news. He asks who Aries thinks he is. Roode says the X-Division Title means nothing to him. He says he is God's gift to pro-wrestling and he will embarrass Aries. Aries invites him to a fight, they brawl on the outside, and agents come down and break them up. Mr. Anderson's music hits. He says he could watch them fight all day but he doesn't really care who wins because they will have to face him when he wins the Bound for Glory Series.


Tenay explains the Bound for Glory Series point system. Mr. Anderson calls out Daniels, a man who had the balls to ruin a man's family. Daniels comes out with an appletini in his hand.

BFG Series Open Fight Night: Mr. Anderson vs. Daniels

Daniels shoves Anderson and takes control with an abdominal stretch. Anderson shifts the momentum with a clothesline. Anderson whips him in and hits multiple shots and a Rolling Senton Slam. Anderson hits a swinging neckbreaker and the Mic Check for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Mr. Anderson

Dixie and AJ are backstage talking about if they're ready to tell the world about their relationship. AJ wonders if there is another way.

The Knockouts have gathered in Brooke Hogan's office.


Brooke says she hasn't had the chance to really talk to ODB and she wants to know why they deserve the title shot. ODB says she is different than all of them. Madison says she has already been there, Brooke tells her to focus and make her work her boyfriend. Velvet says she never got her rematch. Mickie James says she is the greatest woman's wrestler in the world. Brooke scolds Madison some more and says she is not ready tonight. Brooke will make another elimination later.

Robbie E. is in the ring with Robbie T. He makes an open challenge and Kurt Angle answers it.

BFG Series Open Fight Night: Robbie E. vs. Kurt Angle

Angle hits 3 Germans and the Angle Slam and applies the Angle Lock for the win.

Winner of 10 points by submission: Kurt Angle

-Tonight's Gut Check contestant: Taeler Hendrix. She has been wrestling for 6 years and has overcome cancer.

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