- Ryback addressed comparisons to Bill Goldberg during an interview with the July 2012 issue of WWE Magazine. When asked what his look tells WWE Universe members, Ryback responded, "All the Rob Van Dam comparisons are fine with me because we actually have the same airbrush guy. I feel like I'm a colorful person in terms of my personality and what people are going to see over time. The plain black look just didn't cut it for me. It worked for Austin, it worked for Goldberg, but I'm not Austin or Goldberg—I'm Ryback."

He was also asked why people should care about him over anyone else: "I bring an intensity and excitement that nobody's seen in a long time. When you watch a Ryback match, you're going to be entertained one way or another, whether it lasts for two minutes or twenty minutes.

- The late Chris Benoit's theme song is available for purchase via iTunes. "Whatever" was released under WWE's 2002 compilation album Forceable Entry. The song is being sold by Sony, which produced the album, not WWE.

- Former WWE Superstars Hillbilly Jim, Jacques Rougeau, Hardcore Holly and Michael Tarver have been announced for Legends of the Ring 15, which takes place October 13 at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, New Jersey.

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