- Sid Vicious once again took to his Twitter to comment about last night's appearance on RAW, writing, "Had a great time at #RAW last night. Been over 15 years. Great seeing some of the uprising stars of the #WWE. Thank you WWE."

- Chris Jericho joked about his new look on his Twitter, writing, "Ok so last night on Raw apparently I looked like: 1.Bon Jovi 2.Gordon Ramsey 3.Michael J Fox 4.Dave Coulier 5.Kevin Bacon 6.Cher"

- Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Travis Morrical for sending in more details on what happened after RAW went off the air last night: After RAW went off the air, Big Show poured a water bottle on John Cena to 'wake him up' to let him know that he still had a match, which led to Cena vs. Show and Tensai in a handicap match. The two took a few short turns working him over until Cena made the Hero comeback. Cena then hit the AA on Show for the pinfall. Afterwards, Cena was exhausted and not paying attention when John Laurinaitis hit the ring with a chair to no entrance music. Laurinaitis hit a chair shot, then goes for another and gets the AA. He runs offs and Cena celebrated to end the show.

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