Re-post - Impact Wrestling Results With Video

Kaz yells at Daniels in the locker room for dragging him into this and making him turn his back on AJ.


X-Division Tournament Qualifier: Sonjay Dutt vs. Rubix

Rubix hits some armdrags and a dropkick. Dutt hits a nice hurricanrana. Rubix dives out onto Dutt. Back in the ring, Rubix flies off the top but is caught with a dropkick. Dutt flies off the top with a splash for 2. Rubix hits a German into a bridge for 2. Dutt counters another German and flips and spins into a DDT. Dutt moonsaults off the turnbuckle into a double foot-stomp for the win.

Winner by pin: Sonjay Dutt

Christy Hemme interviews Dutt ringside. He says he is back to win the X-Division Title.


-Gut Check footage from last week

Al Snow, Taz, and Bruce Prichard discuss Taeler Hendrix' performance.

BFG Series Match: Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe

Bully makes his entrance. We see a video from last week where he told Joseph Park to stay away. Park is not in the stands.


Joe enters the Impact Zone. Bully gets in Joe's face and talks trash but Joe backs him down. They circle in the ring but Bully keeps ducking in the ropes. Joe twists the arm but Bully reverses it. Joe applies a side headlock. They collide twice to a stalemate. Bully hits an elbow and Joe goes down. Bully rakes the eyes and hits a suplex and a headbutt. Bully plays to the crowd.


Joe hits a series of shoulderblocks and a kick to the head in the corner. Bully hits him with a clothesline to turn things around. Bully chops him in the chest 3 times but Joe no-sells. They hit simultaneous clotheslines. Bully works the left arm over; he uses the ropes for leverage. Joe goes to the outside to regroup. He pulls Bully out. Bully slams his arm on the steps and brings him back in. Joe avoids a splash and Bully belly flops. Joe hits an inverted atomic drop, a boot to the face, and a back-splash for 2. Bully hits a Rock Bottom for 2. Bully goes to the second turnbuckle and misses a back-splash.

Bully goes to the outside; Joe flies after him, Bully moves and hits a big boot. Bully goes back in the ring. Park comes down on the apron. Bully grabs him by the collar and Park slaps him. Joe comes in and applies a rear naked choke for the win.

Winner of 10 points by submission: Samoa Joe

Park applauds on the ramp. He grabs a mic and says Bully is a jackass little boy. He says he's been bullied since he was a kid and it ends tonight. He says it isn't about Abyss anymore. He wants to settle it once and for all. He wants to fight in 2 weeks so he (Park) has time to get ready.

-Claire and Dixie explain more and tie up loose ends about the pictures and video that Daniels had.

Kazarian is in Hogan's office and says he has made a bad mistake the past 6 months. He can't tag with Daniels anymore. He says he is a victim and didn't know what he was getting into. Hogan says he's accountable and tells him to show people the 'real him' tonight.


Garett Bischoff is approached by Madison Rayne backstage. She says she has a crush and asks him "what's he like?" She whispers in his ear who she's talking about and he tells her "good luck with that."

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