WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video - World Title, Money In The Bank Qualifiers

Welcome to our WrestlingInc.com WWE SmackDown Recap.

We get the opening video and pyro and are 2 weeks away from Money in the Bank from "the heartland of America, Indiana."

We see a video of AJ distracting Kane from Monday. AJ makes her entrance.

AJ vs. Layla

AJ offers her hand and they shake. They grapple back and forth, AJ looks to almost lose her cool. Layla gets a quick 2. AJ fights back with a punch to the face and a drop toe hold. She hits a flurry but Layla regains the advantage. Daniel Bryan's music hits and he comes "Yes-ing" down the aisle. AJ is distracted and Layla gets the pin from behind.

Winner by pin: Layla

AJ goes crazy on Layla as Bryan looks on from the apron. He tells her to calm down. She goes to leave but he wants to her to hear something. He calls out Vickie Guerrero. He says he's going to hold the show hostage. He stars a "yes" chant which AJ takes the lead of.


Vickie comes to the ring. She says people are tired of him repeating his catchphrase and then she yells "Excuse me!" Bryan wants to applaud Vickie and wants her to be the permanent GM. He wants AJ banned from ringside for his match against at Money in the Bank. Vickie agrees and starts to go off on AJ but Bryan says this is about him. Vickie shows a poll of what fans want AJ's role to be; 76% want her to be a guest ref. AJ chants her way up the ramp. Bryan starts screaming "no!" and leaves. Vickie says over the next 2 weeks there will be a series of matches for entry into the World Title Money in the Bank Match and says that unlike the RAW version, everyone is eligible.


Money in the Bank Qualifier: Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

Sandow cuts a promo on Ryder. Ryder gets the early upperhand. Sandow takes over with intensity and stomps in the corner. Ryder hits knees in the corner and a dropkick for 2. Ryder sets up for a Broski Boot and connects. Sandow scouts the Ruff Ryder and hits his finisher for the win.

Winner by pin and MIB Qualifier: Damien Sandow

-Charlie Sheen will be at RAW 1000

Daniel Bryan looks for AJ in the back. Kaitlyn tells him to get on her good side because she is mentally unstable.



MIB Qualifier: Tyson Kidd vs. Jack Swagger

Kidd uses his agility to out do Swagger's power. Swagger goes out to regroup. Kidd tries to speed things up but Swagger grounds him. Swagger works the left arm and gets 2. Swagger tosses Kidd across the ring and hits a springboard splash for 2. Kidd hits a DDT and they both struggle to get up. Kidd gets the better of the exchange with kicks. Kidd hits a reverse elbow in the corner. Kidd fights out of an ankle lock and comes off the top with a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin and MIB Qualifier: Tyson Kidd

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