WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video - World Title, Money In The Bank Qualifiers


-RAW 1000 Moments: Mr. Socko

Vickie and Dolph are in her office. He wants her to ban the Brogue Kick and The Cross Armbreaker. He goes off on her and she slaps him. Dolph calms down and tells her to announce him tonight and raise his hand when he wins the title.

MIB Qualifier: Santino & Christian vs. David Otunga & Cody Rhodes


Cody and Santino start things off. Santino tags Christian who goes to work. Cody takes over with a faceplant and gets 2. He tags Otunga who continues to take it to Christian; Cody quickly tags back in. Christian tags Santino who comes in and takes it to Otunga. He hits the cobra on Otunga. Cody tags back in and goes to work on Santino.

Cody throws the cobra sock out of the ring. The quick tags continue and Otunga comes back in. Santino powers out of a submission and tags Christian. Christian hits a reverse elbow off the ropes and a neckbreaker. Otunga grabs his boot from the outside. All four men brawl. Christian hits the spear on Otunga for the win.

Winners by pin and MIB Qualifiers: Santino & Christian

Cody has a tantrum in the ring and says he didn't lose.

Sheamus is backstage with Matt Striker and says he isn't worried about losing his title in the triple threat tonight.


Daniel Bryan finds AJ backstage who is talking to herself. He is concerned about her well-being, He wants her to see a doctor. She just stares at him. She chants her way down the hall.

Ryback vs. 2 jobbers

We get the weekly jobber promo. Ryback takes out one guy and the other tries to escape but is caught with a boot on the outside. Ryback slams them and wins.

Winner by pin: Ryback

Antonio Cesaro and Aksana are smooching backstage and Teddy Long informs them that he is the GM next week. Aksana starts to kiss up to him. Teddy says they will team together and face Layla and the Great Khali at Super SmackDown next Tuesday.


MIB Qualifier: Justin Gabriel vs. Tensai

Tensai uses his weight to dominate. He catches Gabriel with a punch as Gabriel leaps off the top. Tensai applies a bearhug. Gabriel fights out with kicks but is stopped in his tracks. Gabriel springs for a moonsault for 2. Tensai plants him and hits a backs splash for the win.

Winner by pin and MIB Qualifier: Tensai


-RAW 1000: Triple H returns from quad surgery (1st time)

World Title Triple Threat Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio cuts a promo on the crowd and says he's winning. Vickie interrupts him and says he's not winning. She introduces Ziggler. Sheamus enters also.

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