Source: PWInsider

- Sabu returned to the ring in front of about 200 fans at last night's Extreme Rising event in Queens, New York. Sabu defeated Papadon in the opener.

More newsworthy notes from Extreme Rising:

* The show went along much better than the first Extreme Reunion event.

* Former WWE star Sylvester Turkay was in attendance. He didn't wrestle but filmed scenes for a Zombie vs. Wrestler movie that Shane Douglas also appears in.

* Taya Parker from the Rock of Love reality show was acting as a ring girl.

* Matt Hardy's girlfriend Reby Sky came out and talked about the women who paved the way for her to be here - women like Beulah McGillicutty and Francine. As she left, former TNA star Homicide came out and they had words. She slapped him which led to him laying her out with an Ace Crusher. Matt Hardy came out for the save.

* Shane Douglas cut a long promo and at the end, talked about how he was bringing Lucha Libre back. He introduced Pescadilla, Super Crazy's nephew and Bestia 666, the son of Damian 666. They wrestled and Bestia got the win.

* Matt Hardy worked the main event, defeating Jerry Lynn. They both put each other over on the mic after the match.

* Extreme Rising runs tonight in Philadelphia with Lynn vs. Hardy vs. Homicide in the main event. Other names appearing include Sandman, Sabu, The Gangstas, Balls Mahoney, Blue Meanie and more.

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