"The Gunn Show" enters the world of "shoot" this week in the first of a multi-part, in-depth interview with former WWE and TNA superstar, Billy Gunn. Here are some highlights:

Billy Gunn on the worst movie ever (in "Hashtag Hijinks"): "#MARINE - and let me give you a good reason why. If you know my wife -- some people know my wife, some people don't -- she hates wrestling. But she is in love with John Cena. So, she couldn't wait for the movie to come out...she walked out ten minutes in. Now, if my wife walks out, that's a bad movie."

Billy Gunn on whether or not he was ever held back on the microphone: "I just don't like to do it. Plus, I never had to do it when I was with Brian [BG "Road Dogg" James]. Good Lord...he is the number one guy on the mic. I don't care what they say about Cena, I don't care what they do about Rock -- usually they have to look at some stuff, and I'm not saying they go by what they look at, but Brian never, ever, ever did it..and it was doing it night in, night out, something different, every time he walked down the ramp. So, in my opinion, in my book, Brian is the number one mic guy because he can come up with anything, at anytime, and hit every bullet point he has to hit."

You can check out the full interview below:

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