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The Observer News Enterprise has an interview with Jerry "The King" Lawler. Here are some highlights:

His favorite match: "Probably my favorite match of all time just had the 30-year anniversary of it was against Andy Kaufman. They just contacted me from the David Letterman Show. Coming up in July is the 30th anniversary of when I slapped Andy on the David Letterman Show. They may be doing something about that. I'm not real sure. We were talking last week. That was the biggest match that happened to me in my career. That spring-boarded me with a lot of regional exposure at the time to suddenly being worldwide.

"As far as commentating, I've done so many. It's hard to pick out any one favorite. If I picked one out of the hat, it'd be slighting a few others. There have been a ton of goods one, though."

Who should be in the WWE Hall of Fame that isn't yet: "They've not yet inducted Randy Savage yet, have they? I think probably Randy Savage. I think he will eventually get in there. That is one those things. To me, if you are going to honor somebody, you should do it while they are still alive. I wish that Randy and Vince McMahon could have settled what differences there were before he passed away to get him in because I think Randy was deserving a long time ago.

"I'll tell you who else I think should be in there Andy Kaufman. He should be in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. (Mike) Tyson got in this year. You've got Mike Tyson and Drew Carey. If Drew Carey is in there, Andy Kaufman should be. He was one of the first guys that put wrestling on a national stage. Just this past week, we had Cindy Lauper come on, who was the first celebrity that WWE involved and started the 'Rock and Wrestling Connection.' It's true because it did, but she would have never been involved had Andy and I never gotten that national publicity that we got with our wrestling match down in Memphis. That snowballed. In reality, Andy had approached Vince McMahon Sr. with that idea and he turned him down because he said the fans were skeptical and he didn't want to involved actors in the business in any way. When we did it down in Memphis and it got all that attention, I think he said 'Wow. It's going to get the right kind of publicity.' Then they brought in Cindy Lauper and Mr. T. It just snowballed. We've had all these guest hosts. We've had Snooki. Bob Barker might have been my all-time favorite. We had the Wolverine guy, Hugh Jackman. If you really stop and look now at all the Hollywood stars and celebrities that we've had involved in WWE, honestly, it all started with Andy Kaufman. He should definitely be in the celebrity wing."

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