- People of Walmart, a comedy website featuring user-submitted photos of overweight, poorly dressed, or awkward looking people shopping at Wal-Mart, has published a photo of John Cena participating in an autograph signing. The website's editor is unsure of the premiere WWE Superstar's popularity status and asks whether he is popular in 2012 or a has-been residing in "weird Ric Flair territory."

- WWE.com has posted the infamous video clip of Charlie Haas inadvertently knocking Lilian Garcia off the ring apron on the June 5, 2006 episode of Raw. Also featured in the video is Garcia screaming in pain before she is escorted to the backstage area by medical personnel.

Garcia legitimately suffered a sprained wrist from the accident. One week later, the mishap was metamorphosed into a storyline, with Haas incurring the wrath of Viscera.

- WWE.com has released a poll asking what will Brock Lesnar's response be to Triple H's SummerSlam challenge tonight on Raw. According to the poll results thus far, 75% think he will not pass up the opportunity to fight The Game while 25% think he will reject the challenge due to his interest in filing lawsuits.

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