Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Kofi comes in. He ends up taking out Titus on the floor but gets floored by Young. Both teams square off at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Cody is in control of Kofi. AW is miced up at ringside and we hear him rooting his team on. Titus comes in and slams Kofi hard for a 2 count. Kofi comes back with a dropkick and takes Titus down. Santino and Otunga come in at the same time and go at it. Santino with a stunner and a 2 count as Young and O'Neil break the pin. The tag champs come in and take them out. AW tells Young and Titus to stop. He walks them up the ramp and they leave the match. Otunga and Santino go at it. Otunga tries for a tag but Cody drops off the apron and also walks out of the match. Brodus Clay's music hits and out he comes with Naomi and Cameron. Otunga goes to the floor but gets attacked by Christian and then the tag champs. Otunga meets Clay on the floor. Clay rolls him back in the ring. Otunga turns around to the Cobra from Santino for the win.

Winners: Christian, Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston

- After the match, Christian lays out Otunga with Killswitch. Clay gets his revenge on Otunga and nails a big splash. Naomi, Cameron and some kids come in the ring to dance with everyone else as we go to replays.

- Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez walk up on Teddy Long backstage. Del Rio talks about the World Heavyweight Title shot he earned months ago after WrestleMania. Teddy says Del Rio doesn't deserve anything in his opinion but the Board of Directors have named him the #1 contender. He will face Sheamus at Money in the Bank. Teddy says that was their decision but he has other plans for tonight. Del Rio is in a match and it's up next. We go to commercial.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara

Back fro the break and Ricardo Rodriguez begins the introduction of Alberto Del Rio. Out next comes his opponent, Teddy Long. Cara runs to the ring but Del Rio takes him out when he tries to enter with a knee to the head. Del Rio unloads on Cara and beats him out to the floor. The bell hasn't rang yet as Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker. Cara taps out on the floor but Del Rio won't break the hold. Officials try to break the hold but Del Rio finally lets go. The crowd chants something in Spanish at Del Rio as officials tend to Cara.

- AJ is backstage when Daniel Bryan walks up. He confesses that he's always cared about her. Bryan says he was just frustrated with himself for messing things up and he didn't know how to react. Bryan says he's sorry and hands her a rose. AJ says she's sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she's special referee. She says Bryan doesn't care about her and never has. AJ says she can't wait to win her match tonight and then run into the arms of the man who everyone sees as her soul mate. She bites off the rose and spits it out before walking off.

- Paul Heyman is shown preparing to speak live via satellite. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see footage of Triple H laying out Paul Heyman at No Way Out. We go live via satellite to Paul Heyman. Heyman announces that Lesnar has made a decision regarding Triple H's SummerSlam challenge. Heyman says Lesnar will deliver it straight to Triple H's face at the 1,000th RAW. Heyman goes on and says if Lesnar accepts, he will end Triple H's in-ring career. Heyman says if Lesnar accepts, it won't be a match - it will be a mercy killing.

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