Source: WWE

After returning to Raw and delivering a Diamond Cutter to Heath Slater, Diamond Dallas Page talked with about his return and the 1,000th edition of Raw.

In regards to his return, DDP seemed appreciative of the crowd more than anything else.

"Did you hear them chanting? I must have done something right," Page said with a laugh. "It was awesome, man. This was a really great crowd. I mean, any Raw crowd is so electric, you know?"

Page also expressed how massive a deal the 1,000th episode of Raw is historically.

"Wow. They're going to be three hours at that point? They're going to be pulling every -- non-stop action. I just heard Cole say that if you watched one Raw after another, it would take 75 days or something like that. That's the accumulation of all of them. To hit 1,000, I mean, 100 is a big deal! To hit 1,000 -- it's a really big deal."

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