WWE SmackDown Results - The Great American Bash Battle Royal, Legends Return, More

WWE SmackDown Results - The Great American Bash Battle Royal, Legends Return, More
- Tonight's WWE Super SmackDown opens up with Primo, Epico, The Usos, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Yoshi Tatsu, Hunico, Camacho, Hornswoggle, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, Tamina and some others are having a cookout. Teddy Long walks in and welcomes everyone to the Great American Bash. He's got Eve Torres dressed in a name tag and he says she has volunteered to clean up the party. Teddy introduces the United States Champion Santino Marella. Santino goes to light the grill when Kane appears. Kane sets fire to the grill and everyone starts to dance. We go to the normal intro video.

- Josh Mathews, Michael Cole and Booker T welcome us to the show and hype the big 20-man battle royal for tonight. Cole says he will be interviewing AJ Lee tonight. He calls her the most controversial person in WWE. We go to the ring and Lilian Garcia introduces Ricardo Rodriguez, who begins the introduction of Alberto Del Rio.

We get a look back at Del Rio destroying Sin Cara on RAW. Del Rio says he isn't here to celebrate America - he's here to talk about something more important - him. Del Rio says he will defeat Sheamus and send him back to Ireland crying like a little girl. Del Rio says Sheamus is just like the fans - a common peasant, a hooligan. Del Rio continues ripping into the fans. He has Ricardo point out a fan at ringside. Del Rio tells the guy to show him his papers. Del Rio says the guy doesn't deserve to be here. He walks around ringside ripping the Spanish fans. He calls one kid a little alien. Del Rio finds an obvious plant and asks for security to remove him because he's here illegally. Del Rio goes after the man and Sheamus comes out. Del Rio shoves Ricardo into Sheamus but Sheamus pushes him aside and they go at it. Sheamus and Del Rio fight up the ramp. Sheamus stops and lays out Ricardo on the stage. Sheamus goes to the side of the ramp and works over Del Rio. Ricardo comes back over and this allows for Del Rio to drop Sheamus. They double team him for a minute. Ricardo opens the hood of the car. Del Rio leans Sheamus on the car and slams the hood over his back repeatedly. Del Rio talks trash as Sheamus is down on the floor. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see a replay of what just happened to Sheamus. Officials help Sheamus to his feet and he's busted open.

The Great Khali and Layla vs. Antonio Cesaro and Aksana

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Divas Champion Layla with her partner The Great Khali. Out next comes the team of Aksana and Antonio Cesaro.

Cesaro strikes first with lefts and rights but Khali takes him to the corner for a big chop. Cesaro counters and takes out Khali's knee then stomps away in the corner. Khali turns it around again for a big chop. Khali hits a big overhand shot and Cesaro tags in Aksana. Layla comes in and tackles her. They roll around. Layla spanks her and slams her before going for a 2 count. Cesaro breaks the pin but gets tossed out of the ring by Khali. Layla and Aksana tangle before Layla gets the pin for the win.

Winners: Layla and The Great Khali

- Teddy Long runs into Cody Rhodes backstage. Cody says the Board has granted him another Money in the Bank qualifying match tonight. Teddy says they are letting him pick the opponent. He says it won't be against someone who is trying to qualify... it will be against Christian. Back to commercial.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Christian

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