TNA Impact Results: Storm Vs. Hardy, Final Destination X Hype, AJ Adds Stip, Sound Off

X-Division Tournament Qualifier: Dakota Darsow vs. Flip Cassanova

They trade shots and Darsow hits a takedown. Barry Darsow is his dad. Flip fights back with kicks and springboards into a splash. Flip flips onto Darsow for 2. Darsow hits a dropkick and pounds Flip on the mat. Flip springboards and delivers a dropkick and a head-scissors takedown. Flip hits a corkscrew moonsault onto the outside.

Flip leaps off for a crossbody in the ring but Darsow gets the better of it as he rolls through and drops elbows and legs. Darsow has a busted nose. Darsow misses with a moonsault and he is bleeding from the nose badly. Flip takes Darsow down from the ropes and goes back up top and delivers a reverse 450 splash and almost botches it as his feet almost hit Darsow in his injured face.

Winner by pin and X-Division Tournament Qualifier: Flip Cassanova

Miss Tessmacher says she is going to beat Gail Kim but tonight she has a tag match with her 'boo' Tara; they embrace.


-recap of Gut Check and Taeler Hendrix

Madison Rayne & Gail Kim vs. Tara & Miss Tessmacher

The ref has to hold the women back and Madison attacks Tessmacher from behind. Madison tags Gail who continues to take it to Tessmacher. Gail misses with a springboard splash in the corner. Madison and Tara tag in. Tara dominates and gets 2. Tara hits a neckbreaker and tags Tessmacher who hits a clothesline for the win.

Winners by pin: Tara & Miss Tessmacher

-AJ makes his way to the arena.


-James Storm talks about his match with Roode at Lockdown.

-Storm warms up in his locker room for his match against Jeff Hardy tonight.

AJ makes his way to the ring. He asks how Daniels is going to prove he's the father of Claire's baby. Kazarian & Daniels come on the stage. Kaz says Styles gets 'junky wh*res pregnant.' Daniels says these aren't empty allegations, he has proof. Styles says this is about him and Daniels and it goes back to Destination X last year. He says Daniels is a jealous prick. AJ says this year their match is a Last Man Standing Match and he will shut him up for good.

Hogan is asked about his prediction for Destination X. Someone in a red bandana delivers an envelope to Hogan that reads "We're not cowards." There are playing cards inside; 2 8's and 2 Ace's of Spades and Clovers. The note reads, "See you next week."


-Jeff Hardy stretches for his match tonight.

-Hardy narrates a video where he talks about James Storm. He is going to win the BFG Series.

X-Division Qualifiers: Kenny King vs. Lars Only

They lock up and trade go-behinds. Lars slaps him and hits a combination of offense and gets 2. Lars hits a dropkick and Kenny goes to the outside. Kenny comes in and hits a big kick to slow Lars down. Kenny tosses Lars outside. Lars slaps him again on the outside, Kenny throws him onto the apron and hits a moonsault on him off the apron. Kenny brings him back in for 2. Lars gets caught with a boot. Kenny misses a springboard legdrop and Lars takes advantage. Lars hits a hurricanrana off the apron on the outside. Lars gets 2 in the ring. They botch something in the ring. Kenny hits a jumping kick to the head and drops Lars for the win.

Winner by pin and X-Division Qualifier: Kenny King

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