Re-Post: 'Impact Wrestling' Results With Tons Of Video

Winner by pin and X-Division Qualifier: Kenny King

Kenny King is interviewed at ringside and says that a King will be crowned on Sunday.

-James Storm and Jeff Hardy make their way to the arena.


-Austin Aries trains for Destination X. He says while Roode has been winning matches with beer bottles, he's been winning with brain-busters.

-Aries congratulates Kenny King backstage.

-BFG Series LeaderBoard: Storm is still in the lead with 36 points.

BFG Series: James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy

Storm goes for an early Superkick. They lock up and Storm hits a shoulderblock and Hardy returns the favor. They stop to regroup. They counter each other's finishers and Storm goes out to regroup. The crowd is divided.

Storm gets back in the ring. They lock up again.


Hardy is in control in the ring. Storm rams him in the corner. Hardy hits a legdrop for 2. Storm hits a series of clotheslines and Hardy comes right back with his own flurry for 2. Storm hits a neckbreaker off the ropes and gets 2. Hardy launches Storm out over the top and slides under the ropes with a kick and leaps over the top and onto Storm.

The ref counts both men. Storm gets up first and breaks the count. Hardy gets in the ring as well. Storm uses the ropes to prop himself up. Storm misses in the corner and Hardy explodes with a double kick in the corner. Hardy goes up top and misses with the Swanton. Storm goes up and hits an elbow for 2.

Storm looks for the Last Call but Hardy ducks and hits the Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Storm shake hands.

-Hardy is now tied at 3 with 14 points.

-Destination X: Card Rundown

-Hogan is headed to the arena


-Mike Tenay reveals that the location for Bound for Glory is Phoenix, Arizona.

-Kurt Angle talks about Mr. Anderson and says he raises your game.

-Next Week: Gail Kim faces Miss Tessmacher for the Knockouts Championship.

-Also, Bully Ray faces Joseph Park in an 'anything-goes' match.

Hogan makes his entrance. Hogan invites Aries to the ring. Bobby Roode answers the call and comes to the ring. They cut each other off. Roode says he's not Aries, he's the real champion. He says the blood of Aries is on Hogan's hands. Aries comes out and says he going to let Roode bask for three more days because on Sunday he's winning the World Title. He lays out his options and settles on option C which is not to wait for Sunday. They take off their jackets and go head to head. Roode tries to hits Aries with the World Title but Aries ducks and hits Roode with the X-Division Title. Aries hands Hogan the X-Division Title and raises the World Title over his head.

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