Here is another set of results from last night's SmackDown live event in El Paso, TX from reader Matthew Herschede:

There were lots of CM Punk and John Cena shirts. I saw whole sections wearing the white CM Punk shirt. It was unreal.

Match 1: Sin Cara vs. Hunico - Sin Cara came out to a huge pop, Hunico yelled at the Spanish-speaking crowd in Spanish about how Juarez is better than El Paso. Slow paced match for those two, Sin Cara wins with a pretty amazing double flipping sunset flip cleanly.

Match 2: Divas. Kaitlyn vs Vickie w/ AJ as the special referee. Quiet crowd, useless match. AJ looks great in her referee garb, can't wait to see it at MITB. Vicki wins on an accidental rollup. She yells at AJ afterwards, and AJ unloads on her to the crowd cheering. AJ does a CM Punk cross-legged sit in the middle of the ring, and skips out.

Announcer announces that crowd gets to choose the stipulation for the main event WWE Championship match via text. Street fight or 2 out of three falls

Match 3: Drew McIntyre vs. Ryback. Drew comes out to a large pop and he spends some time with the fans. Is there a possible face-turn incoming? Ryback comes out to a huge pop, and crowd turns on Drew. Longish match, longest I've seen Ryback involved in. He seemed to need to work on his cardio, because he was gassed by the end. He demolished Drew after 10 minutes or so.

Match 4: IC Championship, Cody Rhodes vs. Christian - slow, subpar match for the both of them. Good pops for both. Lot of time wasted in competing for crowd cheers. Cody Rhodes gets the pin using the ropes. Teddy Long comes out and says he's the temporary GM for tonight, and restarts the match. Christian wins with a frog splash.

Match 5: World Heavyweight Championship, Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus. ADR comes out to some cheers and signs, but when the loud pop hit for Sheamus, he grabs a mic and says Sheamus can have us, because the citizens of El Paso aren't real Mexicans, they are peasants, just like Sheamus. Sheamus grabs a mic and tells ADR that win or lose, he's kicking ADR's arse for what he did on Tuesday at Smackdown Live. Great match, lots of back and forth. There were a couple of interferences by Ricardo Rodrigez. ADR locks in the cross-arm breaker, Sheamus picks him up and slams him. He hits White Noise, ADR kicks out at 2. ADR goes for his corner head kick, and connects with Ricardo; Sheamus hits the Brogue kick, and gets the clean win.


Match 6: Jinder Mahal vs. The Great Khali. Good pop for Khali coming out. Total waste of time match, crowd is completely dead. Khali hits the Khali Bomb and gets the pin.

Match 7: Chris Jericho vs. Kane. Y2J gets a huge pop coming out. Kane gets an even bigger one. Jericho yells at some kid who said he sucked. Jericho starts making like Hogan, with hands to his ears and posing, trying to get a positive crowd reaction. Kane kicked out of a really good codebreaker, and gets a chokeslam for the win.

Match 8: Main event, WWE Championship Street Fight Daniel Brian vs. CM Punk. DB comes out to a strong reaction; CM Punk just about shook the roof off when he entered. The yes chants were *everywhere* Lots of Kendo sticks and chair shots by DB, every time CM Punk grabbed a weapon, he got kicked in the stomach. Match kind of fell flat, though the crowd was into it. No real great spots, just a bunch of time filling stuff. Eventually, AJ did a run in, skipped around the ring, and DB got distracted for some unknown reason, and CM Punk hit GTS and got the pin. He celebrated to a huge ovation to close out the night.

Pop of the Night - CM Punk, Sin Cara a close second.

Match of the Night - Sheamus vs. ADR

Yawn of the Night - Divas match, Jinder Mahal

Spot of the Night - Sin Cara's new finisher. I hope he does it on air.

Surprise of the Night - Drew. He seemed to be getting a really good warm reaction, for someone who hasn't been on air in quite some time. He'd make a good face, I'd enjoy seeing it.

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