TNA Destination X Results - New X Division Champion, Aries Vs. Roode, More

Last Man Standing Match: Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Out first comes one-half of the TNA Tag Team Champions Daniels. AJ Styles is out next to a decent reaction from the crowd.

The bell rings and Daniels goes to the floor to stall. AJ chases him around the ring and back in and they go at it. Daniels spits on AJ. AJ takes him to the corner and unloads. Daniels goes back to the floor and runs around. AJ catches him and takes him to the fan barrier. AJ works him over on the floor and brings it back in. AJ with a big dropkick for a pin attempt. AJ with kicks while Daniels is on his knees. AJ snap suplexes Daniels into the turnbuckles and continues the offense.

Daniels turns it around in the corner and delivers some big chops. AJ reverses it and unloads some chops of his own in the corner. AJ runs into a big right hand and goes down. Daniels goes to the floor and gets a steel chair. He tosses it and beats up AJ around the ring. Daniels brings the fight back in the ring and sets the chair up. AJ blocks a shot into the chair and takes Daniels to the corner. AJ runs and leaps off the chair with a big right hand but Daniels moves. Daniels slams AJ's back hard onto the chair. Daniels clotheslines AJ out of the ring and works him over. Daniels argues with some fans while AJ recovers. Daniels wastes some more time as AJ tries to get up. Daniels with big right hands to the head and Styles is now busted open. Daniels with a big suplex on the floor. AJ tries to fight back but Daniels boots him in the face. Daniels brings it back in the ring and grabs the chair. He flattens it on the mat and whips AJ in the corner. AJ blocks a chair shot and springboards in, knocking the chair into Daniels' head.

Back to the floor and Daniels goes head first into the steel steps. Daniels is now busted open. Daniels backs up the ramp and begs AJ to back off. They brawl on the stage now with AJ taking control. AJ charges as does Daniels and they both collide with clotheslines and go down. They get up and trade shots. AJ drops Daniels with a kick to the head. The crowd chants for AJ to push Daniels over the stage. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Daniels backdrops him. Both men are bleeding pretty bad now. AJ beats Daniels some more. Kazarian comes out of nowhere and shoves AJ off the stage. The referee goes to count AJ as Daniels and Kazarian look on from the stage. AJ makes it to his feet at 9 and here comes Daniels to fight. Daniels goes back to the ring and pulls out a table. Daniels brings the table over to the stage area and sets it up. Daniels brings AJ back up to the ramp. Daniels looks to double underhook AJ through the table but AJ overpowers and shoves Daniels into Kazarian. AJ wit a pele kick to Daniels on the ramp. AJ hits a Styles Clash from the ramp to the floor, through a table. Both men try to get up but only AJ does before the 10 count.

Winner: AJ Styles

- Tenay and JB plug tonight's main event. The fans online have chosen Austin Aries to win the main event tonight. Christy Hemme is backstage with Aries. He wishes the X Division guys good luck but says he is moving on. He says Bobby Roode wins his matches with beer bottles but he wins his with brainbusters. Aries declares he will walk out the new World Champion tonight and prove why he's the greatest man to ever live.

- We get a look back at tonight's X Division matches from earlier.

Ultimate X: Mason Andrews vs. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King vs.

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