DDP On Whether He Was Asked To Wrestle On Raw, If He Was Contacted By WWE In The 90's

I said, 'No, Hulk, no.' He goes, 'What do you mean?' I said, 'The only reason I'm on this tour is because we're in Germany, and my last real name is Falkenberg. And, I got a smoking hot wife who walks me to the ring. That's the only reason I'm here.' He goes, 'Well, how are you getting so much better?' and I tried to explain to him that I went back to the Power Plant and started training guys. Because what I found out was the more I taught guys, the more I learned. It applies to everything, I don't care what it is.

"If you teach someone your craft, while you're teaching them, you're going to learn because you're going to get better at teaching, which is going to make you better at whatever you're doing. In my case, it made me a better worker. And he didn't understand that because he had territories when he came up, and Hulk is only about two and a half years older than I am, you have to remember that. Hulk had said to me, 'Whatever you're doing, you need to keep doing it. Because it's not today, or next year, or the year after but somewhere down the line, because of your character and how you make people believe, you have the ability to draw huge money with me.' So four years later, I walk out on that stage with Karl Malone, and Rodman and Hogan are there. It was the biggest press conference I'd ever seen that morning. It was crazy."

WWE's The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro DVD: "The Very Best of Nitro, from what I know right now, is the second-best selling DVD in the last 3 years. So what does that tell you? The new people are getting to see it, the new WWE nation that had never seen that stuff, because it's timeless. When I first got the script for The Very Best of Nitro, I didn't call them back and Michael Calabrese, the producer, what a great guy he is. They sent me that script and he called me up and he goes, 'Hey D, did you get the script? What did you think?' I said, 'I don't think you want me to do this,' and he goes, 'What do you mean?' I go, 'I wouldn't say a lot of the things in here,' and he said, 'Well, what do you mean?'

"I said, 'Michael, I understand that history is written by the winners and I get that you guys won the war, so you can say what you want to say but we kicked your ass for almost two years. I was there. It was David and Goliath and we killed you in the ratings, so I'm not going to backhand compliment WCW ever. Did we make mistakes? Hell yeah, and I'll talk about that, but I'm not going to act like it never happened. I'm just not going to do that; you should get someone else to do that.' He said, 'Well, what are the things you're talking about?' I went, 'Boom, boom, boom' and he went, 'No problem, change it.' I was like, 'Really?' He said, 'Yeah man, we want this to be good.' I was like, 'OK, cool.'

His rising popularity in WCW: "I remember wrestling on Monday night in Panama City, and that was the first time those kids were chanting DDP so loud and I had just started my feud with Scott and Kevin. It was just starting to take off and when I walked back through the curtain again, Hulk's there. He goes, 'Do you know how hard that is? It's starting to happen.' Hulk Hogan over periods of time would tell me different things, and that was one of them. He said, 'It's so hard to get them to chant your name like that, but once you got that, you got something big. It was an awesome ride."

Whether Vince McMahon ever contacted him about joining WWE during the Monday Night Wars: "No, he would never do that. Anybody who said he did, I would really tend not to believe that because Vince was not going to get in that potential lawsuit. Vince is way too smart for that on so many levels. But Steve Austin had called me once after a match I had with I can't remember who; I want to say it was Hogan. He said, 'How the hell did you bring that match out of him?' Because there's never been any love lost with Hulk and Steve. But they got respect of course, how could they not? But Austin had said, 'If you ever want to come on up here, it'd be a pretty easy trip for you.' It was like that. Maybe they thought because of my affiliation with Bischoff and all that stuff, I never would've left."

His run in WWE: "I always saw myself working a WrestleMania. There was no question. The run that I had, which really was like four months in the WWE; it wasn't great. But my opening day was great. My opening day was humongous. And then WrestleMania was pretty much my closing card. I did one Raw after that, but that WrestleMania 18 match that I had with Christian, that was a hell of a match. And then being able to show up now and getting that reaction; hitting that Cutter and getting that pop, I literally can fade off into the sunset very easily. Bottom line is, it was what it was and it was a great ride."

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