Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Back from the break and Show is in control of Cena, working him over in the corner. Cena moves and tries for a slam but Show falls on top of him. Cena kicks out but Show applies a big bearhug next. Cena turns it around and backdrops Show. Kane tags in and kicks Show in the head. Kane with right hands in the corner. Kane splashes Show and nails a big DDT. 2 count for Kane. Kane climbs up to the top but Show moves out of the way. Show spears Kane and covers Kane for a close 2 count. Jericho tags in and continues the attack on Kane.

Back from the break and Kane goes at it with Jericho. Kane connects with a big sideslam. Cena tags in and unloads on Jericho. Cena ends up hitting the Attitude Adjustment but Show pulls him out of the ring for the DQ.

Winners by DQ: Kane and John Cena

- After the bell, Show tosses Cena into the fan barrier and then runs over Kane with a clothesline. Show brings a ladder in the ring and runs over Kane and Jericho with it. Show puts Jericho in between a ladder and stands on it. Cena comes in for the save. He attacks Show with a ladder and knocks him out of the ring.

- We get a look back at the segment with AJ, Bryan and Punk from earlier tonight. The Lawler vs. Cole poll is still up. Back to commercial.

- CM Punk is backstage warming up when Eve Torres appears. She wishes him good luck with AJ. Eve says AJ is spiteful and if she doesn't hear the words "I do" tonight, she will cost him the title on Sunday. Eve says it must be hard being overshadowed by guys like The Rock, John Cena, Triple H and Brock Lesnar but being overshadowed by AJ must be emasculating. Eve wishes him good luck again and walks off.

- Santino is backstage and he's found the Anonymous GM's cell phone. The Great Khali appears and takes it. They attempt some comedy and Santino leaves the phone with Khali.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater

We go to the ring and out comes Sin Cara. This match is for the final spot in the World Heavyweight Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Heath Slater s in the ring. Slater blocks a flying attack and knocks Cara to the mat. We get some back and forth action but Slater keeps control and gets a 2 count. Cara comes back and hits a big crossbody and then the face plant. Cara covers for the win and the final MITB spot.

Winner: Sin Cara

- After the match, Slater takes the mic and says this isn't fair. He says to send him any former champion in the back and he will beat them. He doesn't care who it is, he guarantees a win. Bob Backlund's music hits and out comes the two-time WWE Champion.

Backlund gets a "you still got it" chant from the crowd. Backlund goes to shake Slater's hand but Slater attacks him and beats him down. Backlund ducks a shot and applies the crossface chicken wing. Slater taps out but there is no referee. Backlund finally breaks the hold and celebrates with the fans.

- Michael Cole interrupts and is ready to find out about his match with Jerry Lawler. We see the poll results from WWE's website and the match is on. Cole gets mad and goes off on the fans, calling them a bunch of hypocrites. We go to commercial.

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