Press Release For House Of Hardcore, Tommy Dreamer Speaks About The Promotion

To that end, House of Hardcore announces the first of many competitors who will enter Poughkeepsie that night to do battle -

RHINO - "Rhino is a 34 year old man who remains as intense as any competitor I have ever seen. He's a well established veteran, even at his young age, from WWE, ECW and TNA. He is beyond dedicated and is out to prove to the world that he is still the 'Manbeast" and seriously, who's going to stop him? He is the Juggernaut come to life. Outside of the ring, he is the nicest human being I have ever met. An easy choice for the roster."

SAMI CALLIHAN - "This Combat Zone Wrestling mainstay is the greatest unsigned talent ever. Growing up on the mean streets of Philadelphia, he has a great amateur background and his work ethic is at such a premium that he's lost over 140 lbs. to be taken seriously as a force in professional wrestling. A gritty chameleon who can adapt to every style of professional wrestling. He reminds me of the ferocity Bruiser Brody and Buzz Sawyer mixed with the work ethic of Finlay and Taz's FTW attitude. A great addition to any roster."

CHRIS MORDETSKY - "Known to national audiences as Chris Masters, he was signed to a WWE deal at 19 based on his looks and his physique. He was thrust onto TV too soon in his career and honestly, wasn't ready for what was ahead of him. So, he refocused his life and career, traveling the world over to improve inside the ring and it shows. He has the power and speed as well as an unbreakable full nelson that can't be escaped when it is applied. He has always had the tools to be a top tier player in this industry. Well, now, his talent will be shown."

THE BIG XLG - "This 28 year old is as quick and agile a big man as I have ever seen. Known to WWE audiences as Luke Gallows and Festus, he was signed there at only 21 years of age and at 6'6", he's done it all. He's made headlines internationally for his travels to Mexico, Great Britain, Japan and South Africa, where he wrestled for the President of the country and was involved in many infamous riots. He loves being the antagonist and will inflict as much ring punishment as he can to anger the audience. He will get in your face and let you know how tough he really is. That attitude is just what this roster needs."

THE SANDMAN - "The former ECW champion is a demented Peter Pan. He's still the beer drinking, chain smoking cane wielding SOB. We made our careers together in ECW, destroying each other's bodies to entertain the fans and establishing our legacy. When I texted him to say I am doing a show, he said, "If you are doing it, I am in." Then he said, "God, I hope you don't want to wrestle me, I am horrible." I told him that he was always horrible and he responded that I was right. If you can't respect your friendship with a guy like that, what can you do? I am happy to have Sandman there. If there is trouble, he will be the first to have my back. Plus, I know there is a beer plant right up the road...but that will be for after the show."

These are the first five of many, many more competitors to come. It has been a journey decades in the making, literally a lifetime, birthed out of the love of professional wrestling Tommy Dreamer has carried in his heart seemingly forever.

"I have prepared for this day most of my life. Since I saw my first match as a child, I have loved professional wrestling. Some wrestlers will distance themselves from this, but I am proud to say I am still a fan. I can recall my entire journey with great vivid detail. Taking red marker to my Star Wars toys while imagining they were Tommy Rich and Mr. Wrestling 2 in the heat of battle. Going to the wrestling matches with my Dad. Buying every wrestling magazine and merchandise I could fine. Slapping hands with Bob Backlund - my favorite at the time - before he wrestled. The excitement of my first autograph, Arnold Skaaland. Buying the first 8x10 photo of my hero, a bloody Dusty Rhodes. Wearing my first wrestling t-shirt "Barry Windham - The Kid is Hot Tonight" until it fell off. The joy of Hulkamania. The sadness of waking up Christmas morning and not getting tickets to the Omni's Christmas Day spectacular. The joy of riding the escalator into the first Wrestlemania. Getting up the courage to meeting Ricky Santana in a gym and telling him I would be a professional wrestler. My first day of training. The welts under my arm pits and across my back. My body hurting so bad from the first bump. Setting up the ring. Carrying jackets to the back. The joy of my first match. My first trip on the road. Signing my first autograph. Wrestling my first big star, Tony Atlas. Being flown to a show the first time by a promoter. Finding the ECW Arena. Making the business my life 24/7. My first WWF tryout. My first WCW contract offer. Living and dying by ECW - in the ring, in the studio, in life. Being a part of something so groundbreaking. Designing shirts. Running locker rooms. Winning the ECW World title. Booking shows and angles. My first action figure. My first video game. The lowest part of my life when ECW went under. Getting hired by WWE. Being on the opening of Monday Night Raw. Wrestling in the Garden that first time against Perry Saturn. Working in the WWE office. Helping others achieve their dream. Writing a WWE PPV. Getting to see ECW return to life and be recognized for what it was. Wrestling at Wrestlemania. Receiving another shot as a talent in the ring when I was written off. Winning the ECW title again. The sadness of choosing to leave WWE. My farewell night. Going to TNA. Writing a successful PPV there. Leaving TNA. Returning to the indies. Preparing for life after wrestling. There have been so many memories. All of them, good and bad, happy and angry, have prepared me for this."

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