Maria Kanellis Talks Signing With ROH, Turning Down TNA, Problems In WWE & More

Then, you give our audience these lies! Making stuff up and saying that there are no stars. I think it's hilarious though, because this is the same guy who said Daniel Bryan couldn't make any money. [Laughs.] How many "Yes!" shirts do you need to see in an audience to see that the man did make some money? Maybe you should go back and realize that you're not always the best when it comes to having these opinions or these fake facts.

I don't care about that kind of stuff but I do care when you start attacking people that I'm close with and when you start to teach Ring Of Honor fans that this is what's really happening when it's not. We're drawing. We're hitting more and more networks. We're trying new things. There are different champions and new story lines. Our pay-per-view was one of the best pay-per-views we've ever had. And we had all those problems before.

We're trying and we're out there and doing it. It's not like we're just sitting on our tails, saying, 'Oh, well. This is just going to fall apart.' No, we're working our butts off. I hate when people are just like, 'Oh, it's going to fall. Blah, blah, blah.'

Then, he comments about seeing me naked? I mean, really. I've seen what he writes on his Twitter and he's not worth my time. I surround myself with very positive people. People that are on the move and people that are intelligent. He doesn't even know what the word analytical means and that means he's not worth my time. That's the thing that I thought was the funniest. He says it was analytical, but you weren't solving any problems. It wasn't analytical. It was an opinionated rant on a company just because you don't like Jim Cornette.

So, he wants to say that it's this fact-y, analytically thing, but -- really -- it's just someone being bitter because they don't like someone else. I can talk now! He wants to make it out like, 'WWE stars, they would never...' No, they can't! I couldn't before, I can talk now. I can say whatever I want now. WWE stars have plenty to say about what's out there about their product. But, they can't. It's against their contract.

It wasn't that I was stooping to anybody's level, but I saw an opportunity to have a media battle with somebody that I knew would get more followers and more people hearing about Ring Of Honor and changing people's mind. So, he can think that he's so smart, but, maybe he should get a dictionary and learn what words mean.

WrestlingINC: Fair enough. [Laughs.] Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Well, do you have any final message for the readers of our site?

Maria: Definitely. Thank you so much to everybody. I'm loving everything that I'm doing with Ring Of Honor. Please, follow up with the Ring Of Honor website. Go to Youtube, you can watch all the shows two weeks after they've already been on television. Go to your Sinclair Broadcasting Systems and find out where you can watch Ring Of Honor.

My Twitter is @MariaLKanellis. My Facebook is OfficialMariaKanellis. You can watch videos of me and Mike Bennet and that's at ProdigySuperstar on Youtube. I think that's it for now, but I'm sure there will be more in the future.

I'm really just excited for this time in my life in wrestling. Because, I'm starting to find a place that I really love and that's within Ring Of Honor and within the ring. So, I'm excited to share it with everybody. Thank you so much.

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