WWE NXT Recap: Bray Wyatt Debuts, Richie Steamboat, Tyson Kidd, Uso's

-Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero) Vignette: Debuts next week

The Uso's vs. The Primetime Players

Jim Ross has joined commentary. Young starts off with Jey but not before Titus picks his hair in the corner. (It is very refreshing and soothing to hear JR's voice on commentary). Young and Jey get into a shoving match and Jey slaps him in the face. Young goes to get consoled by Titus in the corner. Jey hits chops to the chest and tags Jimmy in for some double-teaming. Jimmy continues the offense and gets 2. Young gets Jimmy in his corner and tags Titus. Titus and Jimmy go back and forth and Jey tags in and gets 1. Young tags back in and gets powerslammed as he charges in and goes out to regroup. Jimmy clotheslines him right back out when he comes in and he launches his brother out onto both Titus and Young.


Titus and Young are firmly in control of Jey in their corner. Young stops a tag from the outside as he pulls Jimmy down off the apron. Young gets 2 in the ring. Young works Jey's left leg. Titus tags in and prevents another tag attempt by the Uso's. Jey manages a back bodydrop and tags his brother; Young tags in as well. Jimmy quickens the pace and hits the Running Stinkface but Titus breaks the pin. Titus takes out Jey in the corner and along with Young double teams him behind the ref's back.

Winners by pin: The Primetime Players

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