Impact Results: Hogan & Sting Attacked, BFG Series Continues, Aries, Roode, AJ, More, Sound Off

Joe hits a snap powerslam off the ropes and transitions into an armbar but RVD gets his foot on the rope. RVD takes out Joe's knee and catches him with a spinning kick and a Rolling Thunder to Joe's back. Joe kicks out at 2. Joe counters a monkey-flip attempt and slams RVD and applies a modified figure-4. He releases and goes to re-apply but RVD rolls him up with a small package.

Winner of 7 points by pin: RVD

-Earlier in the Day: Claire is asked questions in the parking lot as she arrives in her car but she doesn't want to talk.


Hogan comments on the playing card situation and he says "Sting's here, let's dance."

-Recap of Daniels vs. AJ from Sunday

Daniels and Kazarian are in the ring and Kaz congratulates AJ for his win on Sunday. Kaz says that it is just the beginning. Daniels calls Claire out to answer some questions. Claire comes out and she seems confused. Daniels alludes to the fact that AJ is her baby's daddy.

AJ's music hits and he comes to the ring and says this "'story' was over weeks ago." Claire gets in between them and says Daniels is right. She says AJ is the father of her baby.


-AJ screams that he doesn't know when grilled backstage by a reporter as he passes Kurt Angle.

-Mr. Anderson prepares for his match with Kurt Angle.

-Zema Ion's X-Division Title-win recap video

-Dakota Darsow has words for Ion backstage as he defends his friend Jesse Sorensen. He faces Ion next.


Zema Ion vs. Dakota Darsow

Darsow knocks Ion down with one punch and goes to work with relentless intensity. Ion goes out and starts to make his way up the ramp but Darsow goes to intercept him. Back in the ring, Ion takes advantage of getting in first but Darsow takes back over. Ion drops Darsow's neck across the ropes and hits a DDT and a reverse faceplant for the win.

Winner by pin: Zema Ion

Ion pulls back on Darsow's arm and grabs a mic and calls out Sorensen. He says not only is he pretty but he's pretty dangerous.


The new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. He thanks the fans and says that he had a great week. He says this is a great moment for the professional wrestling industry. Aries has to shush the crowd because he can't hear himself. He says the next "boom period" is on the horizon. He is interrupted by Bobby Roode's music.

Roode slowly takes in the 'boos' and gets in the ring. Aries raises the title in Roode's face. Roode grabs a mic but he is speechless. Roode is beside himself and can't spit it out; he removes his jacket. Roode paces back forth like a madman. He finally says that this is all one word: 'fluke' and he stomps out of the ring. Aries says he has 3 words: 'new world champ.'

Sting and Hogan discuss the 'Aces and 8's.' Sting says he's 110%. He tells Hulk maybe it's time to go 'old-school.' They are interrupted by Devon and Garett. They want to have their backs, Hogan and Sting just have to let them know. Hogan basically says thanks but no thanks.


-Kurt Angle talks about Mr. Anderson and his strategy for their match tonight.

-Madison Rayne's infatuation with Earl Hebner video from last week

Madison puts Hebner over and calls him a legend.

Brooke Hogan comes out to the arena and joins commentary.

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